Getting To Know Kempton Park

Located in East Rand, Gauteng, just next to one of the largest townships in South Africa called Tembisa is a large town that was established in 1903. It borders Johannesburg, the country’s largest city, in the north-east and stands on the south of Pretoria, the administrative capital of the nation.
This is Kempton Park or Kemptonpark as it is called in Afrikaans. The town owes its origin to Karl Wolff who sub-divided a part of his Zuurfontein farm into residential stands thus forming a new village, which he named Kempten after his native Bavarian town. The name was soon anglicized to Kempton Park.

History Of Kempton Park

Originally, Kempton Park was an independent municipality. But since 2000 it has ceased to have any municipal government of its own and has become a part of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.

The storming of the Kempton World Trade Centre on 25 June, 1993 still stands as one of the most important historical events that have taken place in the town. During that time the particular World Trade Centre was the venue where multi-party CODESA negotiations were being held in an attempt to end apartheid though the nation’s first multi-racial elections. However, such an election was strongly opposed by the right-wing white groups in the country. The stage was already set by a number of clashes between the police and the right-wingers such as the Battle of Ventersdorp. The culmination point was reached in the attack of the Kempton World Trade Centre by around three thousand members of the Afrikaner Volksfront, Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, and the other paramilitary Afrikaner groups.

Kempton Park As It Is Today

The status of a city was bestowed upon Kempton Park quite recently in 1992. Today, twenty suburbs including the industrial suburbs of Spartan and Isando can be found within the boundaries of Kempton Park. Spartan is a large industrial zone, which has a number of chemical manufacturing and other industrial sites. A large coal power plant known as the Kelvin power station can also be found here. All these contribute to making Kempton Park one of the largest industrial centers in the entire South Africa.
The Other Identity Of Kempton Park

The proximity of the city to the OR Tambo International Airport is the reason why Kempton Park is often thought of as the ‘airport city’. It is also the busiest airport of Africa. The airport was constructed in 1952 on a piece of land next to the town and was inaugurated in 1953. Back then it was known as the Jan Smuts Airport. The name was later on changed to the Johannesburg International Airport. That was in the late 1990s. After a few more years the name was changed again in 2006 to the present OR Tambo International Airport.

Living In Kempton Park

The presence of all the modern amenities, its strategic location and availability of a large number of accommodations make Kempton Park very popular among travelers. However, it is equally an easy choice for people relocating to a new place. Several factors contribute to the town’s residential growth and the existence of a nearby airport being one of them. Apart from this, there is a lot of space in Kempton Park, which makes planned developments in the area possible. The homes found here are traditional and spacious and suit the needs of all those wanting to start a family. In other words, Kempton Park in its look and appeal comes across as a typical family-centric Johannesburg suburb.

Education In Kempton Park
There are several good schools in Kempton Park all located within a convenient distance. The six major high schools of the city are Jeugland Hoërskool, Kempton Hoër (Kempton High), Rhodesfield High School, Birchleigh Hoër, Norkem Park High, and Sir Pierre van Ryneveld.

Shopping In Kempton Park
The place is centrally located to a number of shopping destinations many of which are pretty close to the OR Tambo International Airport. The popular shopping addresses include Bonaero Park Shopping Mall, Festival Mall, Greenstone Shopping Centre, Irene Village Mall, Norkem Mall, Woodbridge Square and the Aston Manor Shopping Centre.

Hospitals And Healthcare Services In Kempton Park

The place has many hospitals and clinics within easy reach. The list is long and includes Arwyp Medical Centre, Elim Clinic, Erin Clinic, Freseninus Medical Care, Ikhambi Care, Kembirch Medical & Dental Clinic, La Femme Clinique and more. The convenient location of Kempton Park also puts the residents at an advantage because they have an option of choosing from a number of medical service providers located at the nearby suburbs and at such important points as Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Why Live In Kempton Park

As of 2001, Kempton Park was the home to more than a hundred thousand people, which includes more than thirty nine thousand households. Several factors combine together to make this place a popular choice among people who want to settle in a place and call it their home. The obvious reason in this context is the amazing location that brings all amenities of modern living within convenient access and life a lot easier.

There are several airline and aviation related companies that have their headquarters in Kempton Park. This includes the South African Airways, subsidiary South African Express Airways, Airlink, a regional South African airline, Mango, a low cost airline, Comair,, Federal Air, 1Time and Safair. All these give a vital boost to the economy of the place.

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