Bedfordview: A Home for Your Family

One of the wealthiest towns located on the East Rand is Bedfordview. It is known to be a manly place in Gauteng, South Africa. This town became a part of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality in the year 2000 up to this very day. You should consider this town whenever you find yourself looking for a perfect place for your family. It is not only because of its location but because of its places and spots where your family will enjoy.

Background of Bedfordview
It is extremely important to learn the history of the place prior to your decision of settling there. In order for your family to adjust and feel the comfort of the place, you have to spend time knowing all the facts in the background.
During the 19th century, the history of Bedfordview was put into writing. Its history began with the arrival and settling of the whites. The Bedfordview was then assigned to become a part of a South African district known as the Potchefstroon. One of the best features of the town is the large antelope, locally known as eland, which holds a water fountain. This feature emphasizes the rich history of the town.

Eland’s fountain of Bedfordview was purchased for mineral rights. After the transaction, it was divided to create smaller farms and holdings. One of the owners of the dividend is Mr. George Herbert Farrar. He transformed the dividend into a farm and he managed it very well until he died and buried in the Milner Avenue. Miners, on the other hand, were known to be the earliest residents of this site. As years pass by, the site became known as the Geldenhuis Estates Smallholdings.
The name of this town was based on the competition results in the year 1960. A girl who won in the said competition was named according to the nice scenery of the farm. Bedfordview was then registered as the name of this remarkable town.
Knowing the Bedfordview Area and Population

Bedfordview, as the wealthiest town, has an area of 5.96 sq. m. designed to accommodate its large population of 21, 294. Bedfordview is composed of different races like African American, Indian, American, Native American, and Asian. In some sources, Americans occupy the most residential spaces of the town.
When considering this place to become your home, you first need to know its residential areas. You may opt to visit these places and choose what suits you best. The following are the places of Bedfordview:

• Bedford Gardens
• Bedford Park
• Essexwold
• Morninghill
• Oriel
• Senderwood
• St Andrews

Bedfordview as the First Choice of Living Place

This town, situated in the province of Gauteng is considered to be civilized. Many establishments for relaxation and accommodations can be found here as well. Your entire family will be able to choose the places to spend shopping such as the Eastgate shopping center. This amenity building will provide all your basic needs and luxuries. Easy communication is also established in this town because people speak English as their primary language.
Bedfordview, on the other hand, was also known for its accommodating places for travelers and holiday makers. You can find it very interesting, especially, when you and your family plan to take a weekend trip or a vacation.

Knowing the financial affairs of this town is important, especially, if you are planning to stay and live in this town. One of the major sources of the country’s employment is the Airport offices. The Airports Company South Africa and TAAG Angola Airlines have offices mainly located in the Bedfordview. Aside from malls and guest houses, facilities and schools are highly established in this town as well. Your kids will have better education while enjoying the place. Sports are the primary source of entertainment. Your kids can engage in sports whenever they wanted to. As a wealthy town, hospitals and other health care centers are scattered all over the town.
Living or visiting this place can be one of the greatest experiences and decisions that you will be making. Considering all the benefits and facilities are the first priority among others. When selecting a place to live, you must never exclude Bedfordview to your list.