Life in Blackheath

Located in South Africa, a suburb of Cape Town, Blackheath is nestled on the African continent in the Western Cape. It is a beautiful place that many people call home for a variety of different reasons. Many people opt for researching for residential property rather than finding a place to rent for the main point that when calling Blackheath home, it is more economical to plan for the future and create equity rather than throw money into renting.

Living in Blackheath is living within a few kilometers outside of Johannesburg in Gauteng. There are a number of excellent reasons to live in this area because of the small scale size of the area but yet it is within a very short distance to the metropolitan city. This means that one can live just on the outskirts of northeastern Johannesburg and still enjoy the amenities of living close to the city.

Additionally, those looking for good job opportunities can take advantage of the many prospering opportunities in the Johannesburg area which is the business hub of South Africa. It is easy for commuters to travel in for work and travel out all within minutes. This gives Blackheath residents a wide variety of occupations to choose from when finding a job.

Benefits of Calling Blackheath Home Sweet Home

While Blackheath is on the border of several different other suburbs of Johannesburg, it rests at the foot of Northcliff Hill. It is known well for its serene backdrop and peaceful surroundings as it is very leafy and full of green growth, trees and bushes. Since it is a neighborhood that is lined with trees, it is off of the major buzzing roads but still offers easy access to the city. When someone is living in Blackheath, there are still many activities and attractions in the city that are not a far trip away.

While it is tucked away from most of Johannesburg, Blackheath is also very close to the shopping hub of Johannesburg. There are numerous stores and boutiques that line the northern part of the city which are easily accessible from Blackheath. The area’s residential properties offer homeowners a true taste of two different worlds all mixed into one.

In addition to shopping, there are several nearby tourist attractions that are located in Johannesburg which makes it just a skip away to escape the lush yet quiet countryside and venture onward to a day filled with fun in the Johannesburg area. Not far away are there many places to take in all types of dining experiences, things to see and do, cultural experiences, museums, and several other points of interest. Accessibility to beaches are also a major plus when considering where to live in the Jo-burg area.

One of the Finer Points of Blackheath

Among the greenery and not far from Blackheath in South Africa is the Emmarentia Dam. In this area are the dam and the Botanic Garden. Many of the residents in the area visit this place of recreation on the weekends and also during the week. It is quite a place to visit for a little leisurely activity such as a picnic, a game of catch, a good stroll or a walk with the canine.
Many lush green zones surround the damn and the Botanic Garden. Within the garden are over 30,000 sprawling trees, a sweet smelling rose garden and a collection of over 4,500 varieties of plants that is said to be one of the most pristine in the world. There are several wooden benches or places to take in the serene panoramic view for moments that are calming and provide a feeling of Zen. This location has been noted as one of the most popular recreational points in this particular range.

Climate of Blackheath

The climate of the suburb of Blackheath is pretty consistent from year to year. Temperatures are average throughout the year, dipping lower in May, June and July. It is not likely for snow to be in the forecast. There are the occasional afternoon thunderstorms that bring in a bit of rain and showers. On an average day, the temperatures rarely fluctuate much though some evenings cool off more than others. This constant climate is a good characteristic of the region and since it is fairly predictable in the area, is a major reason why people decide to call Blackheath their permanent residence.
As one can see, there are many reasons to call Blackheath home and investing in one of the many available residential properties. It is the best of both worlds, tucked into the green countryside but close enough to Johannesburg that there are a variety of things to do.