Bloemfontein: The Fountain of Flowers

Some places in South Africa are renowned for their climate and others for the fertility of their lands. Some others are known because of their attractions. Then, there’s a small minority that accomplishes to be recognized because of all of the above. That’s the case of the fountain of flowers, also known as the city of roses. Welcome to the beautiful Bloemfontein.
Bloemfontein is the capital city of the Free State province, and also the judicial capital of South Africa. It belongs to the Mangaung Local Municipality. Since it’s situated in central South Africa, it’s a very rich town when it comes to suburbia. The most famous suburb is Batho, where the ANC started off. That’s responsible for the general busy lifestyle in every sense. Work wise, it’s as good as it can be. Living here with the family, especially with children, is a very wise choice. Every need is covered. Bloemfontein delivers.

The city is obviously free of Malaria, as any major centre in South Africa. Working in Bloemfontein is easy. This city offers many chances in whatever the field, technical or entry level wise. Be it a part-time job or an engineering role it’s here to be taken. This is due to the varied commerce that ranges from energy to engineering and not forgetting the industry. One can also easily find any school for whichever the level. This encourages people to come live to the big city, creating further development.

Real estate is soaring because of it, and that’s why investing in Bloemfontein is a winning bet. Suburbs grow every day, and soon the city will be the next logical step. If there´s ever a good time to choose Bloemfontein, it is certainly NOW.
Why Bloemfontein?

Progress is why of course. Employment rates are higher than ever, both for technical and agricultural jobs. The city is contemporary and offers the best there is in the modern world. There are medical services and culture, finance and sports and politics and leisure. All together, they create a unique environment prone to civilization and better ways of living.

In a more precise financial panorama, Bloemfontein is very important. It’s the central hub inside Mangaung, providing 87% of its economic production. The city’s key economic sector is the tertiary, which is more than clear why people choose to live here.
This means that whatever your need is, Bloemfontein covers it. As with any major city, it has more than enough hospitals and clinics. In terms of sustenance, people can buy their groceries and food in many places. More difficult to find brands are found in shopping malls, while more traditional ingredients can be bought from smaller stores everywhere.

The city’s infrastructure can be compared to the most advanced cities in South Africa. Bloemfontein has a network of highways connecting Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London and Durban, for instance. As for leisure, there’s much to be seen. Music lovers will be pleased with the jazz clubs downtown. Sports aficionados can enjoy cricket, rugby and soccer matches. There’s even a wildlife park in the centre of the city for nature lovers!

As for education, there are nearly fifty primary schools and thirty high schools. One of the best medical universities in South Africa is here, the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of the Free State.
The province is home to nearly 750,000 people and growing. Rural exodus is starting to take form, as people have the desire to live better and work, which is very limited outside the city. More people equals to more economic growth, so the best is yet to come.

Brief History and Facts of Bloemfontein
The city was founded by the British in 1846, serving as an outpost. Bloemfontein literally means fountain of flowers. With time, the city became the judicial capital of South Africa, and thus it started to develop fast. J.R.R. Tolkien himself was born here, and his first recollections are of a ‘hot country’.

That makes sense, as the region’s summers are in fact hot, sometimes reaching 32º C. On the other hand, winters are quite cold but dry, due to the city’s location. Snow is very uncommon, but it sometimes happens too.

The main languages are Sotho, Afrikaans, Tswana, and Xhosa. This is the sign of a multicultural variety that not many other cities have in South Africa. With them comes all that’s good in each culture. That ensures more quality of life.
As for the real estate market, things couldn’t be more exciting these days. Traditional and rooted South African cities are under more development than other bigger cities. People want to live in a place where crime is low, services are abundant and where life in general is better in every sense.

House sales are going up each day and some people prefer to build them instead of buying. There’s much free land for sale, thus the choice. In short, and whatever your budget is, make yourself at home in Bloemfontein.