Beautiful Broadacres

Just north of the popular Fourways Mall is located a quaint little suburb of Johannesburg that is away from the maddening crowd and yet close to all the amenities of modern life. A place where everyday living is peaceful, serene, and hassle-free, this is Broadacres. A fast developing piece of Gauteng, throbbing and pulsating with its own individual appeal.

Entering Broadacres
The suburb can be easily accessed from a number of locations. The highways and the Lanseria Airport are very easy to reach from here. The Cedar Road links Broadacres to Witkoppen Road, William Nicol Drive, and the N1 Highway. Both Fourways and Dainfern are merely 6 km away from Broadacres and the neighborhood of Lonehill sits at a distance of 9 km. All these places are very easy to reach from Broadacres and in all instances Cedar Road serves as the connecting vein. This also means that apart from the facilities that are specific to the suburb itself, Broadacres also enjoys the full benefit of the awesome amenities that are available in the other nearby areas.

The Best Things About Broadacres
The most appealing benefits of living in Broadacres are: convenience and quietude. A unique combination that makes the place an easy choice for people who never want to miss the action and yet love some privacy and peace of mind. Only a few minutes separate Broadacres from the busy life and liveliness of Fourways and Montecasino. It is at the centre of the most sought after suburbs like Dainfern, Lonehill, Chartwell, Witkoppen, Craigavon, Maroeledal, and Fourways Gardens. But at the same time, the greater Broadacres area is a place where tranquility gets a new expression.

The Best Living Conditions At Broadacres
According to a report called the Top 11 Property Categories for 2011 compiled by the mortgage risk management company named Lighthouse Risk Management, Broadacres is the new leader when it comes to annual growth in property between December 2009 and 2010. This study is an eye opener for all those who assumed that Johannesburg’s Sandhurst was the best suburb to live in this corner of the country. Multiple factors including the availability of all the amenities of modern living coupled with easy access to both work and entertainment has contributed to this newfound status of Broadacres.

The Broader Choice At Broadacres
Broadacres offers its residents the option of living in beautiful freestanding homes and clusters. There are many developments that offer recreational facilities such as a tennis court, a swimming pool and a clubhouse within the very premises.

Best Of Education At Broadacres
Proximity to Fourways, Lonehill, Sandhurst, and the neighboring areas automatically brings Broadacres residents the convenience of sending their kids to the best schools and colleges of those places. HeronBridge School, Unity College, Crawford, and Dainfern Colleges deserve special mention in this context. But that does not mean that Broadacres does not have any schools of its own to be proud of. Broadacres Farm Nursery School is one of the institutions that the little ones absolutely love. Spread across an area of seven acres, the school is attached to a farm that has horses, ducks, geese, pigs, tortoises, chickens, and rabbits. There is hardly a better place than this simple rustic setting where childhood can blossom in its most beautiful way. Aftercare facility is also available to students who attend the school in the mornings.

Going Beyond Education
The school here offers a wide choice of activities to the kids. The Broadacres Farm Nursery School, for instance, has an envious library and undercover play area for activities during wet weather. There are several swimming schools in Broadacres and in Gauteng. For example, Aqua Athlete and Albatross Swim School have dedicated instructors give swimming lessons to children of all ages.

The schools also organize various fun activities for the kids like Arbor Day and Fun Walk. Supervised outings are organized for each class depending upon the age of the group and the theme dealt with at the school. Special guests and entertainers such as the Colgate Lady, Easter Bunny with eggs, Hartebeespoort Dam Animals, and end of the year party entertainers are often brought to the school

Health Benefits At Broadacres
The residents of Broadacres can enjoy all essential medical facilities at the Fourways Life Hospital situated on the Cedar Road. Good veterinary clinics are also easily accessible for family pets.

Brilliant Shopping Experience At Broadacres
The Broadacres Shopping Centre at Cedar Road guarantees a wonderful shopping experience with its fascinating collection of boutique shops. The SuperSpar has an awesome range of goods and is deemed to be one of the best in Johannesburg. Visiting the Spar, tasting the mouthwatering chicken at Nandos Peri Deli, and sipping a hot cup of coffee at Vida E is all that is needed for any lazy packed superb weekend.

For all those who love gardening, visiting the GardenShop at the Broadacres Lifetyle Centre is a must. The bookworms can treat themselves to a great collection at the Readers Warehouse, which is open seven days a week. It is located at the Broadacres Lifestyle Centre.

Demographics of Broadacres
According to the 2001 Census Report, the population of Broadacres was 394, which included 166 households. More than 57% of the population speaks English as their first language. The majority of the population is White followed by Black Africans, Indians, Asians, and Colored.

Why Live At Broadacres
This small suburb has everything that is necessary for a luxurious lifestyle and offers a sensitive balance between a busy lifestyle and easy lifestyle. Commuting to work is easy and so is reaching out to the several entertainment outlets located within its circumference or in the neighborhood. Complementing these factors is the wide range of housing options that the place offers. From affordable apartments to up-market family estates, Broadacres has it all. It is only natural that the suburb features a list of favorites among new and old residents alike.