The Cape Town Haven

Cape Town, the most populous South African city after Johannesburg, is the capital of the Western Cape Province. This city is well known for its natural setting as well as for its harbor. Regarding this, the Cape Point, including the Table Mountain, are two well-known landmarks that attest to the natural beauty of this area.

Why live in Cape Town?

There are a number of reasons that will make a person want to live in Cape Town. For one thing he/she might be attracted to this place owing to its varied cultural mix. Yes indeed the city offers such, as there are many people from different cultural backgrounds living together in this place. Owing to these reasons it is no surprise this location has become a place where many both within South Africa as well as all over the world dream to live in.

Besides this, Cape Town is equally a nice place to live in during the autumn season, as this can be simply fantastic. The days are hot and sunny, while the nights are warm and balmy with many people spending their time outdoors in cafes during this time. The annual average temperature in Cape Town as of 2011 was 16.9 °C, which makes this city a place that isn’t too hot.

Tourism and job opportunity potential

The Western Cape Province to which Cape Town belongs to is an important region in South Africa when it comes to tourism with more than 1.5 million international tourists visiting the area in the year 2010. In addition to this, Cape Town presents good job opportunities for anyone in the Information Technology industry. As such, a person can take advantage of the possible job openings presented by the great number of successful IT firms present here.

According to PayScale the median salary for people with less than a year’s experience in Cape Town can be as much as R118, 000. With others who have up to a year or more experience earning median salaries of between R137, 508 and R312, 686 on a yearly basis. This obviously is good earning potential.

The creative arts

In addition to all this, there is an active art culture life in Cape Town with excellent galleries as well as exhibitions holding all year round. So any art lover will definitely enjoy living in this place. Since he or she will continuously have the opportunity to see firsthand the various experiments talented sculptors, painters, print makers, and photographers are offering with their most recent work.

But what about music? There is obviously no shortage of this in Cape Town as live music that includes jazz and rock is available all over the city. A person can certainly enjoy this any time by dancing to the creative pulse that partly defines this modern city. The artistic energy that is present in this Mother City, (a name given to it because it was the very first city in South Africa), is one more reason to say ‘yes’ to living in Cape Town.

Higher education in Cape Town

Regarding education, Cape Town is at the forefront with both the Stellenbosch University as well as the University of Cape Town (UCT) being the leading higher institutions in South Africa. In fact, with respect to this, UCT has even been ranked the only African university making the World’s Top 200 university list. This is in line with current rankings for the 2011/2012 period according to the most recent Times Higher Education World University Ranking.

UCT, according to this ranking, presently occupies the 103rd position, while Stellenbosch University, which comes in second place in Africa, falls within the 251-275 category. Of course living within the city where these foremost African universities are located will obviously have a positive effect on anyone. It can inspire consideration to study further whether it is a first-degree, a master’s degree, or even a PHD.

Sports and the economy

One of the things that a person may also love about Cape Town if he or she lives there is its sports. Its favorite sports by participation include: soccer, swimming, cricket, as well as rugby. Soccer lovers that live in this city follow their two clubs playing in the PSL (Premier Soccer League), which is the country’s premier league. In addition, the Cape Town city has hosted a number of major sporting events. This includes 1995 Rugby World Cup and the Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour.

Now other benefits that one gets for living in Cape Town is with regard to its economy. As Western Cape’s economic hub this city serves as the region’s manufacturing center thus providing job opportunities in this industry as well as in other industries.

Finally, Cape Town from all indication is obviously a good place to consider moving into. There are job opportunities for skilled people. It is possible for one to enjoy his/her life just visiting places of interest and listening to good music.