Creating Residence in Centurion

Centurion is a wonderful place in South Africa for a person, couple, or family to call home. There are numerous reasons why people have decided to search for residential properties in Centurion. Rested in the Gauteng province in South Africa, this area has numerous opportunities for people to have a great quality of life. It is located between Pretoria and Midrand in Gauteng.
As far as the current population of Centurion, it is home to at least 150,000 residents. Most of the population is predominantly white. The primary language of the area is Afrikaans and many also speak English. This city is located in the municipality of the City of Tshwane.

History of the Centurion Area

One fascinating point of the area is that the area of Centurion is home to the Sterkfontein Caves. Fossils have been found in these caves that are a few million years old. The Sterkfontein Caves are a World Heritage Site. These fossils are of no indication of human inhabitance. The furthest back history of people living in the Centurion area is dates back to 1200 AD when black African settlers became farmers in this area. They raised cattle, farmed the land, smelted iron and made earthenware containers.

More of the rich history of the Centurion vicinity includes the past battles of several tribes that were settled along the banks of the Magalies River. A family by the name of Erasmus arrived in the mid-1800s who settled the area and developed more farming area. After several disagreements between tribes and battles with government municipality, Centurion eventually became a township all its own. Today, there are several other surrounding suburbs in the Centurion area.

The name Centurion was not adopted until 1995, several years and many permanent residents later. The name Lyttelton was the first name of the township and it was named Verwoerdburg in 1967. Centurion is a name that has no significant meaning but was only a name that was chosen by the town’s residents shortly after the ending of the apartheid. The name was created only to coincide with the name of the Centurion Park cricket ground.

The Importance of the Military in Centurion

Centurion was formerly known as Verwoerdburg. Within this area are two Air Force bases including the Waterkloff Air Force Base and Swartkop Air Force Base, which also includes the South African Air Force Museum. The Military Medical Institute is another military service that is based in Centurion though it is now called the Institute for Aviation Medicine. There are also several former base workshops and a vehicle reserve park. The Garden of Remembrance and the Irene Concentration Camp Cemetery are also located in this vicinity serving as memorials to the armed forces of Centurion.

Centurion’s Climate
Centurion’s residents will be glad to know that the climate of the area is typically sunny and dry winters. From the months of October through April, the summers are nice and warm and sometimes hot. There are a few drops of rain in the late afternoon. The area does have quite a thunder and lightning show and hailstorms. It is significantly warmer in Centurion than in some of the other areas. Centurion is subject to the occasional flooding if there is heavy rainfall because of the Hennops River that flows right through the vicinity.

The Economy of Centurion
Though this was once a slow growing suburb with several large open spaces, it has seen a tremendous residential growth since the 1990s. Many businesses have located to the area and the economy is prospering. The development of Centurion has happened quickly, causing the city limits to expand. Centurion very closely borders some of the other suburbs in the Johannesburg area.
Another contribution to the growth of the area is the Centurion Aerospace Village which was developed in 2006. This is an aerospace supplier center and there are several producers of products that relate to the aerospace industry. It is on land that is owned by the state and is a major center for trade and industry in this area. There are also several companies that are located in Centurion that are hubs for the technology industry.

Things to Do in Centurion as a Resident
Centurion also features a lot of other aspects that make it a great place for people to live. There are several things to see and do that are near to many residential property areas. Some of these include several new age shopping malls such as the Centurion Mall. This mall was built around the Centurion Lake and was the only shopping mall in the area that had several large retailers in the area. It is now one of the largest shopping areas in the metropolitan area after a lot of growth and development. The mall is not only an area for shopping but it is also become known for the manmade color water fountain that is in the middle of the lake and its design serves as the logo for the community of Centurion.

In addition to the shopping mall, there are also many theaters, golf courses, and hotels. For other recreational purposes, cricket is the most popular sport in the area. Several world cup tournaments are hosted in Centurion.
For anyone who wants a wonderful place to live, Centurion has it all. There are several residential properties available for anyone who wishes to have the comforts of home in the heart of Centurion.