Durban, meaning ‘bay lagoon’, is the largest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal and the third largest in all of South Africa and rests on the eastern coast of South Africa close to the southern tip. It only falls behind the large cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, respectively. It is the busiest port in the country and one of the major centers of tourism due to its beaches and subtropical climate. It is a gorgeous sunny coastal area with much to see and do. Its beauty is unparalleled, and Durban is an exceptional place in South Africa to live, or just to visit.

The area of Durban is very rich in culture. There are many opportunities to take in several different amenities due to the diversity in this area. There are also many opportunities for recreation for visitors and those looking to live in Durban to do. To many of those who live or visit Durban, it is a place that is considered a paradise because of its sunny warm climate all year long, making life on the coastal city a pleasant experience and many locals consider it to be the warmest place on earth.


Archaeological evidence purports that Durban has been inhabited continuously since 100,000 BC. Aside from what has been unearthed, there is no information about the residents of this area until Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama, who wrote about it in his journal in 1497, naming the river in the area that is Durban Bay, Rio de Natal, or ‘Christmas River’ in Portuguese.
Durban as we know it dates back to 1824, when British Lieutenant F.G. Farewell and his 25 men arrived from Cape Colony. This was made possible with an accompanying adventurer named Henry Francis Fynn who befriended the Zulu King Shaka. Durban was named in 1835 after the governor of Cape Colony, Sir Benjamin d’Urban.

Today, Durban is considered the busiest port in Africa. Historically, many traders and explorers came to the area and part of the reason was because a large sandbar in the area provided protection and safety. The Golden Mile was developed in the 1970s as a welcoming tourist destination, and Duran began providing tourist attractions to encourage more people to visit on holiday. The city is also a gateway to the national parks, Zulu Kingdom and Drakensberg.

Today’s Durban is also dotted with many cultural points that are evident of the colonial origin. There are several statues throughout Durban that pay tribute to some of the colonial founders. Central Durban still has neo-classical buildings that are low rise that were popular of that particular era. Historical culture has survived and thrived in the area and can also be found in the many museums throughout Durban.

Jobs in Durban
Many jobs can be found in Durban in manufacturing, tourism, transportation, finance and government sectors. The port allows goods to be exported easily, and Durban remains the third richest city in South Africa.

There are also many new projects that have been in the works in the last few years such as the Dube Trade Port, renovation of the city, changes in the transportation system, a thriving expansion of the riverfront area and development of entertainment centers. With a strong growing population, the economy in Durban is also thriving. It is increasingly becoming a more popular area for tourists so the industry is taking off and creating much prosperity for the people in the area.

Schools in Durban
Because of its popularity, Durban has a number of schools at all levels of education. There are several private schools and three times as many public schools. There are primary, secondary and high schools to choose from, as well as a number of universities for higher education. A family with children intending to live in Durban would have a number of education options.

Things to Do
The most popular tourist attraction in Durban is the Golden Mile, which is a long stretch of beachfront that includes the promenade. It runs from South Beach to the Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World. This is a place for sunbathers and surfers alike who come for the warmth and waves of the Indian Ocean. There are also a number of beach front properties here, which include hotels for the occasional visitors and apartments for the long-term residents.

The Suncoast Casino is another famous tourist attraction, and it is on a semi-private beach that was rated as one of the top three beaches in South Africa. Many events begin here, like the Tour de Nandos cycle race in September.
These are just a few of the attractions that this unique province has to offer. Durban is a place with a plethora of things to do. Many people come to visit while on holiday, but also a number of people choose to live here. It is a beautiful land with a rich history and culture waiting for you.