Durbanville is a Place to Live

Durbanville, originally known by the name Pampoenkraal, is a combination of the Afrikaans words pampoen, (which means pumpkin), and kraal, (which means corral – a livestock enclosure). It was found a while back in the 1800s. At that time it was mainly a watering post for people travelling between Cape Town and the interior. The town formerly of Western Cape Province is now part of the greater City of Cape Town metropolitan area.

Durbanville Attractions

Durbanville Wine Valley is an interesting place to visit in this locale. One of the festivals that take place here annually is the Feast of the Grape. During which winemakers on the farms here celebrate the fruits of their labor. There are two other festivals that hold in this place. This includes the Season of Sauvignon as well as the Soup Sip and Bread festival. The Durbanville Wine Valley’Season of Sauvignon won the award for the Best Wine Route Event recently. Obviously this makes Durbanville one of the best places to live in South Africa.

Another event that continues to attract many to this area is the Durbanville Craft Market. This craft lovers gathering is well known and is held on the very first Saturday of the month plus on chosen Saturdays in December during the festive period. It usually runs from 8:30 am until 2:00 pm. Here, visitors can casually wander through nearly 200 stalls that display different unique handmade items like needlework, pottery, paintings, and decoupage.


The town of Durbanville is replete with various schools. This includes primary schools, public high schools as well as some private schools. Due to the strong presence of Christianity in this area, a good number of these schools subscribe to a Christian value system. Durbanville Primary School and Durbanville Preparatory School are two examples of the primary schools in Dubanville.

As for high schools in the area, there is Durbanville High School as well as Fairmont High School, while El Shaddai Christian School is a good example of a private school in Durbanville. With the number of schools in this suburb, finding the right school for children, while living here will not be much of a challenge since the options available in this area seem to be much.


Health they say is wealth. So one of the facilities that exist in Durbanville soil is the Mediclinic. This health facility provides the following services: CT scan, MRI, radiology, pathology, and renal dialysis among other professional medical services. It is located on Wellington Road. This means proximity to a quality health facility by all who live in this area.

There is also the Virgin Active Health Club located in de Ville Centre. This facility provides an opportunity for all its members to stay fit. Both fitness and wellness is encouraged here. There are aerobic instructors as well as instructors for other forms of exercise such as cycling and Pilates to name a few.


The primary languages that are spoken in Durbanville are Afrikaans as well as English. This is reflected in the schools of the area. As some employ the use of both languages in their institutions, while others only make use of one of the two. Afrikaans in the past was the language that predominated culturally. However, this has since changed after the town developed rapidly. Although the majority of the people in this town still speak Afrikaans as their first language.

Other Facilities

Ruslamere Guest House and Spa & Conference Center lies midway just between the Winelands and the Waterfront in Durbanville. Known for its wonderful facilities and service, this property, which comprises of thirty-two luxury bedrooms, equally has conference venues and a gym among other facilities. Offering those that live in Durbanville, as well as other locations a place that promises to deliver on their event and function needs.

The Durbanville Memorial Park, which is privately owned, is a managed “cemetery.” It is about four kilometers outside the present Durbanville urban edge. The farmland on which this property lies was purchased by the Michl Group and is owned by this organization. The concept behind this park is to establish a memorial park that provides a safe, peaceful, and dignified environment where families can lay to rest their loved ones, instead of a cemetery.

Then, the last facility to be mentioned here is the Durbanville Rose Garden. This 3.5 ha garden includes five hundred varietals as well as four thousand, five hundred rose bushes. A visit to this beautiful garden alone or with friends or family can be a treat all by itself.

So for those who are truly looking for a place to live, considering Durbanville as an option is in fact a must. With so much that this place offers there is no reason for anyone to do otherwise. It is a great place to live and also consider buying real estate.