Fairland is Home

Among many of the various suburbs in greater Johannesburg in the Gauteng province is Fairland which is one of the greener and leafier suburbs in all of the area. Many people have chosen to call Fairland home because it is a bedroom community of Johannesburg that helps people to escape the city life but still have access to a plethora of opportunities for entertainment, recreation and residential property opportunities. This area is one of the older suburbs in the Johannesburg area but it has numerous gardens and large homes.

Fairland is primarily a residential area in the northern outskirts of Johannesburg. Originally settled on a farm called Weltenvrede, this area has become a popular place for residents to call home because it is a very calm and safe area. It is believed and supported by statistics that Fairland has the lowest crime rate of all suburbs surrounding Johannesburg. This is one of the major draws that individuals, couples and families have all relocated to the Fairland community as a place of permanent residence, having found residential properties that suit their needs.

What to Do in Fairland

Fairland is near to the Johannesburg Botanical Garden which has been voted number one by the area residents as one of the best recreational spots in the area because of the thousands of trees that lie in the green area where people can stroll, picnic and take in the peaceful scenery. Also nearby is the Emmarentia Dam which is a great spot to walk your canine as well as take in even more of the green parkland area. The Apartheid Museum is also nearby which tells of the rich history of the politics and the society of the time of the mid-1900s in the Johannesburg region.

This area is also very close to some very popular shopping venues in Johannesburg. One such is the Cresta Shopping Centre which is a shopper’s haven that is over three stories tall with several shops, boutiques, restaurants and a movie theater. The Clearwater Shopping Centre, El Corro Shopping Centre, Trade Centre and WorldWear Shopping Centres are also very popular locations to take in shopping for people of all ages. Brightwater Commons is a large shopping centre that is also located here. There is a man-made lake and there are also musical fountains also in the works for the eyes of spectators to feast upon.

Industry in Fairland

Within the Fairland region, there are many opportunities for employment so to build a sustainable life for oneself. Some of the companies that are in the area focus on technology and communications, financial services, mining, media, professional services and other locations for job potential. Much like any other area in the Johannesburg area, it is also not far to take a commute into the city to work in a large high-rise building in a corporate office.

For transportation purposes, the Johannesburg City Centre is very close driving distance. The N1 highway passes Fairland and it makes it very accessible to come and go out of this suburban community in the Johannesburg area. This provides residents with shorter and easier commutes to the city for work or other reasons.

Climate in Fairland

The rainfall in Fairland is at a peak of 50 centimeters of precipitation in December and January to a low of less than three centimeters in July. The temperatures in Fairland are at an average of a high of 18 degrees Celsius to a low of 2 degrees Celsius in July. In November and December, the high is 26 degrees Celsius with a low of 12 to 14 degrees Celsius. The temperature and rainfall is almost a perfect bell curve from January to December with normal winters in July and summers in December in January. Residents do not have to worry much about a wet winter in Fairland due to its location. The mild climate is a major draw for people who are looking for a permanent place to settle.

Residential Properties in Fairland

Of all of the different types of properties that one might be looking for in the Fairland area, most types of residential styles of living are available. There are several houses, apartments, farms and flats for sale. This gives any permanent resident in the Fairland a wide variety of choices of homes to meet their living quarter needs. Some of the properties have even been repossessed so they can be purchased at a discounted price. There are places to live that suit people with all different budgets.
As one can see, this is a place of beauty that is an escape from the city of Johannesburg. Fairland is a place for a family to flourish and prosper while enjoying many of the aspects that the area has to offer. A piece of residential property