Florida / Florida Lake

One of the most attractive venues to find homes across Johannesburg, Florida is located within Roodepoort. A lovely venue where nature, history, culture and suburban activity all meld to create top notch real estate opportunities.
Florida boasts of some promising properties for individuals, couples, and families who want a safe, healthy, and enriching community experience that is just close to the convenience of the city. While still exuding that all important private, suburban experience. Anybody seeking top quality property will find Florida in Roodepoort a perfect selection for good investment homes that will appeal to both adults and kids.

Florida: An Overview
Florida is a suburb within Roodepoort. It has a massive residential area that is located inside Johannesburg. This gives real estate seekers an opportunity for great work, lifestyle, and recreation. The place is noted for having some of the most beautiful and sought-after real estate properties.

Florida, Gauteng is located just ten miles from Johannesburg in South Africa. The areas where Florida stands right now was originally established as a farm. Also including other farms that were used as mining camps after gold was discovered in the late 1880s. Goldman Street serves as the main road of Florida and serves as its main local business centre as well as civic services. In fact, Florida’s library serves as the most efficient and reliable facility in Johannesburg. Across Goldman Street, there are numerous antique Afrikana furniture dealers.

Florida has a bustling cultural, technological, and leisure activities. The Aesthetic Spectrum is a brilliant option for individuals to immerse in the contemporary art movement of Johannesburg. Numerous exhibitions and events are held here to showcase the talents of young artists in the city. Those who like a vibrant and aesthetically motivating environment will love the young and vivacious appeal of Florida.

Florida Lake is being established as a green belt area with some amazing sites and activities for those who seek tranquillity within the confines of their homes. Florida Lake is located at the heart of the city and is very accessible from residential areas. It is a great place for strolling and exploration. Especially while marvelling the tranquil waters of the lake.
Those who have an affinity for building stuff or enjoying engineering will love the activities headed by Rand Society of Model Engineers headquartered along the suburbs of Florida Park. The organization has been around for seventy years and they are mainly steam engine enthusiasts who like to test steam trains

Florida is home to several schools such as La Salle College, Aurora Private School, Blairegowrie Primary, Franklin D Roosevelt Primary, and Florida Park high School. Florida is a great venue to find a home due to its proximity to other venues in Johannesburg as well as Pretoria. Finding schools in nearby Florida will be easy for any parent or student. The range of schools that are accessible are plenty enough to give parents more options as to which institution will best suit their child’s specific needs. Florida is fast becoming very popular amongst the younger population due to the presence of Monash University South Africa. Roodepoort is seeing an increase in population growth due to the urban sprawl in Johannesburg.

Health and safety
Florida has some well-kept suburbs that are free from mosquitoes. Those who are seeking a perfect place for raising kids shall find Florida a great place to ensure the safety of their family health-wise.

Job Opportunities
Being located in Johannesburg, finding competitive job opportunities should not be a problem to real estate seekers. The city has been experiencing a much better quality of life as well as a diverse range of job opportunities than other places in South Africa. The largest sector in the area is the trade sector followed by construction and community services. While unemployment rates are yet to go down, the increasing availability of micro-industries and other investors across the area can be very promising for those seeking to move to Florida.

Property Information and Community Background
Boasting of numerous businesses, agricultural venues, and suburban paradise, Roodepoort is a perfect option for those who are willing to invest in real estate properties. Families, students, and professionals can all fit into the unique languidness of this venue, while also being at the centre of the competitive hustle and bustle of modern city life. It is a mixture of competitive environments, promising work opportunities, numerous schools, and recreational facilities.

The properties in Roodepoort are usually inexpensive and thus, it is possible to find really cost-effective options to consider. Roodepoort is not just about bustling and modern conveniences. The town’s history and heritage is very much visible across the area with well-kept historical buildings as well as national monuments. For example, the Civic Centre which houses a museum.
Apart from the historical appeal of the city, Roodepoort also boasts of unique recreational venues such as the Sisulu Botanical Gardens that house numerous indigenous plants as well as supporting small animals and birds. Florida Lake is also a fantastic venue for spotting birds.

With a promising range of opportunities for fun, work, and healthy living, as well as a rich historical and cultural backdrop, Florida is a promising venue for those seeking lovely real estate properties within Gauteng.