Moving to Gauteng

In the beautiful land of South Africa lies nine major provinces and Gauteng is one of these. It is a wonderful place to call home for someone wishing to relocate there. The name has the meaning of “Place of Gold” and as Gauteng promises, this is a land of opportunity in many different ways. When considering a place to relocate, Gauteng definitely promises many real estate opportunities as well as many chances to gain prosperity.

Whether location is for business purposes, a place to raise a family, somewhere to enjoy retirement or even just to broaden the scope of opportunities for young adults, Gauteng offers things to do and see for everyone. A number of people have decided to already call this province their home. The total population of the Gauteng province is around 13 million people, which is roughly a fourth of the total South African population. The capital city of Johannesburg is lodged within this gorgeous South African area. Pretoria is also one of the urban areas that dominate this province. This province is growing at an exponential rate as many people are finding that it is the place to be.

Why Gauteng?
There are a number of different reasons why people should and would relocate to Gauteng. Residential property in the area is a wonderful investment due to the thriving economy. It is a place for many who already live there to be able to enjoy working, going to school, exploring and taking in the scenery. The population is thriving and it is the place to be, especially with the city of Johannesburg wedged in its province which is the life of the province.

When one is not working, going to school or raising a family, there are many things to see and do. There are many nature reserves in the area for people who wish to see wildlife in their natural habitat. There are many places for people to take in culture, dining and shopping. Weekend getaway destinations are not far off either which makes Gauteng a prime location to find residential property.

The many factors that make this a wonderful place to reside include but are not limited to the climate, the opportunity to find jobs due to a thriving economy and a great educational system.

Environmental Elements of Gauteng
On the southern side of Gauteng is the Vaal River and is wedged in between Mpumalanga on the east and Limpopo on the north. This is the only province in South Africa that is landlocked without a foreign border. A large portion of Gauteng rests atop a high altitude grassland but there are also rolling hills and areas of dry savanna.

The altitudes of the various locations of Gauteng affect the climate directly and most of it is subtropical though it is a bit cooler near the capital of Johannesburg. Though it is located near the equator, the humidity is rarely unpleasant and the majority of precipitation comes in the form of brief thunderstorms in the afternoon. Snow in this area is rare but sometimes occurs in the Johannesburg area. Winters are typically dry with frost occurring in the southern part of Gauteng. The steady climate makes it a pleasant place to enjoy the mild changes of weather in this South African province.

Economic Opportunity
Though Gauteng is the smallest of the nine provinces in South Africa, it is considered the economic capital of the region. There are many flourishing industries in the province ranging from manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, transportation and many other industries. Due to the financial potential in this area, Gauteng is often a location for overseas companies to have a satellite office in Africa. Though the area of this province is small, it generates a third of South Africa’s gross domestic product.

Educational Opportunities
Education is a major draw for people looking to come to this South African province. Aside from many of the excellent and safe schools for youngsters, between Johannesburg and Pretoria, this is an area focused on learning. One of the main projects that the Gauteng Department of Education has successfully fulfilled is to provide all public schools in the province with access to ICT laboratories through a project known as Gauteng OnLine. This enhances students’ learning rather than limiting them to only local resources found exclusively in their own schools which increase the opportunity for more extensive learning in preparation for their future.

There are several institutions for higher learning which include specialty schools for students wishing to embark on a specialized occupation as well as other universities. Many of the specialty universities focus on medical fields and technology such as the University of Limpopo and the Tshwane University of Technology. There are also many programs for people wishing to obtain degrees from the University of Pretoria or the University of Johannesburg.

These are just a few of the major reasons why Gauteng is the place to find residential property and create a life in the many different areas of opportunity in this South Africa province.