Living in Glenvista

Planning to find a new place to reside in? You can call Glenvista in South Africa as your new home. It is a beautiful place, which is a suburb in the south of Johannesburg, Gauteng Province. It is located in Region F. It is a place with a distinction of having a cosmopolitan character that you will surely love and might want to call it your very home.

You might then consider buying or renting a place to call your own in Glenvista. But before you make a decision in considering Glenvista as a place you can call home, let’s take a look about what Glenvista is and what makes it a wonderful location to live with. Once you are able to know what kind of place it is and the attractions you might love to go, you will really want to consider Glenvista as a place where you want to settle down.

Why Glenvista?

Glenvista is known for being a wonderfully pleasant and peaceful suburb in South Africa. It is surrounded by fields and natural thorn bushes, which holds a picture of having a serene living. Imagine seeing daisies as you are walking in the area. You will surely find the place so lovely.

Being a peaceful locale doesn’t mean that you will live within an unexciting and boring place. Glenvista offers fun-filled and interesting attractions as well. It is also a suitable holiday destination since it is close to all amenities or services.

Away from the fast-paced inner city of Johannesburg, it is considered as a sought after peaceful place and the positive aspect is that Glenvista has its own amenities available. So you don’t need to go to the inner city to get the things you need since Glenvista’s malls and stores will surely meet your needs.

Furthermore, when you live here alone or even with a family, you can rest assured to have a diplomatic area since Glenvista is considered as having a safe neighborhood and it is a sought after part.
If you are fond of playing golf, you can check the Glenvista Country Club, which is popular among the locals and tourists around the country. It is known for its good facilities and beautiful spots.
If you want to have a family outing, you can visit the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, which has a rich history back to the mid-1800s and 1500s. It is known as a place where the Tswana pastoralists back in the Iron Age resided. You can spot different wildlife species such as jackals, duiker, mongoose, and porcupine in the Reserve.
Glenvista also has its own museum, which is the Museum of Transport. It is a historical collection of vintage land transportation vehicles used in South Africa. It is also a great place for the whole family to visit. You will see lots of displays like the animal drawn vehicles, steam powered vehicles, fire engines, motor cars and trams.
The Turffontein Race Track is also nearby Glenvista. It is one of the country’s oldest horse racing venues and is nearby. International races are also held there. There are more nearby attractions such as theme parks, museums, casinos, and zoos that will surely fill your weekends with lots of fun. If you are a sports enthusiast, you will likely enjoy watching the Extreme Outdoor Show, which dominated by extreme sports.
More about Glenvista

When you move to Glenvista, you will encounter a different taste of Johannesburg. The city has several cultures and lifestyles. You will be exposed to different types of residential living.
If you are ready to move in to Glenvista, properties that are for sale or for rent usually has 2 baths, 4 beds, 1 carport, 2 garages, 2 lounges and staff quarters. As you can notice, most of the homes are spacious. Because of its peaceful and quiet ambiance, you can even forget that you are actually living in the city.

Since it is situated in Johannesburg, you can take pleasure in experiencing warm to hot summer days. Its winter months are sunny and cool and the temperature considerably drops during the evening. The area is well-preserved and has a large Portuguese community.

If you are looking for a good education for your kids, Glenvista also provides excellent schools that are well-suited for your kids who need a quality education.

Glenvista has an estimated population of 10, 985. The region’s mission is to provide the residents with access to good quality, affordable services, in a customer focused and responsive manner with its slogan, “Always striving for service excellence”.

If you want to move to a beautiful place that is filled with serenity yet want to be within the city hype, Glenvista is the place you surely want to go.