Houghton Estate

Simply known as Houghton, Houghton Estate is an affluent suburban area located in the confines of Johannesburg, South Africa to the north east. Parts of Houghton Estate lie within regions 3 and 4 of the city. The area is divided into the upper and lower Houghton. Upper Houghton is a hilly location along the ridge while the other location is on a flat area with a grid-like street layout with access to the M1 freeway. Lower Houghton is more accessible for some. Upper Houghton is recognized as a National Heritage area.

At the turn of the 20th century, Houghton Estate was established as a suburban area by the JCI or the Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Company. Historically, it has been marketed as a wealthy neighbourhood with numerous large houses. The areas close to M1 have been developed to include flats as well as office parks.

Upon closer inspection, the architectural inspirations in Houghton are technically varied. While there are small businesses and petrol stations within Houghton Estate, due to its proximity to commercial and business venues such as Rosebank, Killarney, and Sandton. Job opportunities, entertainment, and conveniences is all a drive away.

Houghton Estate is inarguably one of the most expensive and prestigious neighbourhoods in Johannesburg with a wide range of eclectic, modern, and state of the art properties. Most of the houses in this area have very big lots with six rooms or more. What makes Houghton Estate very popular internationally is the infamous Houghton Golf Club as well as the Old Edwardian Sports Club. For those seeking an environment that fosters activity and immediate access to their needs, Houghton Estate is a great venue to explore and stay in.

Mush of the areas in Houghton Estate is used for residential purposes with some old existing buildings that are inspired by Art Deco. Most of these spaces come in the form of flats. Houses dated as early as 1933 are quite massive and are designed using Modern Style of Le Corbusier.

Famous Names
Those who have a good background of African political history would know that one very important political personality is known to have stayed in the Houghton Estate. Nelson Mandela is an important political figure and has been a resident of the suburb.
Access Roads

Houghton Estate is a great place for those who want to gain easy access to important roads for work or to travel across neighbouring locations. It is close to the M1 Freeway with numerous interchanges such as Houghton Drive, 1st Avenue, Riviera Road, Eleventh Avenue, and Glenhove Road. There are also numerous metropolitan Routes across the suburb including M11, R25, M31, and others.

Lower Houghton at the moment is experiencing rapid changes. Residential plots are now being split into two and cluster homes are already being built to accommodate the increasing demand for real estate property in the area. What makes Houghton Estate unique is how accessible it is and how it offers convenience for both residents to go from one place to another. According to specialists, the changes being made in Houghton Estate is showing some positive advantages. Sadly, this also meant destruction of some of the more traditional houses.

Houghton Estate boasts of two golf courses as well as a large park. Killarney and Houghton golf courses are great options for adults and children who want to learn the sport. The Wilds is a great public park for recreation. Because of its convenient access to shopping malls, places of entertainment, as well as cultural venues, residents in Houghton Estate can easily drive and explore adjoining communities and areas.

There are three notable schools in Houghton Estate. The first one is the Houghton Primary School which is a public school. Another notable educational institution is St John’s College, which is a private school that was ones only exclusive for boys. Finally, King Edward VII School is another public School for boys.

Houghton Estate is a well-guarded and secure venue because of its high end reputation and incredibly massive homes. In terms of health safety, the place is constantly maintained to ensure safety against diseases and illnesses most commonly those caused by mosquitoes. Luckily, Houghton Estate is a mosquito-free area. There are also health centres, clinics, and nearby medical facilities to ensure the health and safety of residents. Most, if not all important facilities are accessible from Houghton Estate.

With its prestigious and continuously expanding range of services, Houghton Estate is a delightful place for families to grow. With a good reputation and world class amenities accessible, Houghton Estate is a perfect venue for those who are seeking only the finest in real estate property in Johannesburg. This is a great venue also for those who take delight on sports and recreation, being a stone throws away from the golf course.