Calling Johannesburg ‘Home’

As one of the most vibrant cities in all of South Africa, Johannesburg has a vast number of reasons for a family or an individual to relocate to a residential piece of property to establish themselves in one of the most diverse cities on the continent. In Johannesburg, there are many things to do, places to see and people to meet.

The city of Johannesburg has developed a long term goal to accommodate for the growth and prosperity for the future in order to continue to progress. Residents of the city are already so proud of the great city that they live and strive to continue to create a place that is an inspiration through a strong diverse atmosphere, an excellent quality of life and sustainability of all residents in the city’s society.

More about the Beloved Joburg

Nicknamed Joburg, this city is the largest metropolitan area as far as population in South Africa boasting at least 8 million residents. The racial population is predominantly black African and English is the primary spoken language. Johannesburg is the provincial capital of Gauteng. It is also the wealthiest with the largest economy of any of the largest cities in its region. Statistically, it is also one of the largest metro areas in the entire world. It is because of the job opportunities available in Johannesburg that many people have migrated to the area in search of prosperity as well as a perplexing cultural diversity.
The Landscape of Johannesburg

Joburg is one of the most forward thinking and prosperous cities in South Africa. There are several surrounding towns that are close commutes to Johannesburg if residential property in the heart of the city is not a desire.

Within the Central Business District, there are numerous skyscrapers and office buildings and some of the tallest buildings in Africa are located here such as the Hillbrow Tower, the Carlton Centre and the Sentech Tower. Many of the older buildings in town have been replaced with several modern buildings instead, many of which house international organizations including many financial institutions.

Despite all of the buildings in Johannesburg, there are also several city parks. The City of Johannesburg undertook a major project of planting trees, earning the city the title of one of the greenest cities in the world. Besides the trees, there are also many gardens, including the Johannesburg Botanical Garden which is known for its beauty and recreational opportunities for both residents and visitors.

The Residential Areas
Due to the variety of the landscape in Johannesburg, the real estate in the city is also accommodating to the single individual who loves living in the downtown and heart of the nightlife to the family-minded folks who wish to live in the suburbs or away from the rush. Some of these residential properties are very luxurious while some are simple shanties. The smaller, more rural areas may lack electricity and running water but for most residents, the living quarters and residential property opportunities are much different. However, another benefit to living in Johannesburg is that it is mostly malaria-free and a relatively easy place to have a healthy life.

The Economy
Since Johannesburg is nestled among the hills and mountains, one of the most important industries in the area is the gold and diamond sector. Mining for gold no longer takes place in the area though many mining companies still have their headquarters in this vicinity. The area is rich in minerals and also serves as a major international hub of business and transportation.
The city is one of the top centers of international commerce in the entire world and the only one in Africa that has that economic status. Other industries that are popular are the manufacturing and service industries and there are several steel and cement plants. The city of Johannesburg also offers many career opportunities in media, private health care, transportation, real estate, banking and IT. There are job opportunities in almost any realm of a person’s interest. Johannesburg is also a major area for shopping with several prestigious shopping centers.

Tourism Brings Many In
Not only does Johannesburg provide rich cultural diversity, a huge number of job opportunities and several options for residential property purposes, but it also offers many things to do. It has become a major destination for tourism because of interesting museums, theaters, shopping centers, night life and so much more.

The area is home to the Nelson Mandela museum, a viewing deck off of the Carlton Centre that allows visitors to see the city from high in the sky, and Gold Reef City, which is a theme park that includes an underground mining tour and several tribal dancing shows. There are also several museums that house fossils of prehistoric creatures.

As one can see, Johannesburg is a vivacious place to live with several opportunities and the potential for an excellent quality of life.