Kensington – A Village within a City

Known to be a hilly village within the city of Johannesburg, Kensington managed to capture the eyes of frequent and first-time visitors. The suburb was founded by Max Langermann within the year 1897. It is surrounded by outstanding suburbs – the Troyeville to the west, the Bedfordview in the east, and both Cyrildene and Bruma to the north.

Obviously, anyone can easily notice that the suburb of Kensington is on top of the koppies slopes – known to be a location with flat top and hilly sides. The streets present today were established five years after it was founded. Later that year, different local trees were planted to beautify the newly built streets that were then developed into what people can see today.

Historical Facts

When it comes to both history and culture, Kensington will never be left behind. In fact, the streets in this suburb were named after the Kensington’s counterpart situated in London. This emphasizes a wider jingoism. It happened right after the infamous Anglo Boer War when Alfred Milner, together with his “kindergarten” consisted of several administrators of Oxford, decided to pursue the upbringing of Imperial civilization into the Transvaal.

In other words, local residents take the roads dedicated to the victorious idols of the Anglo Boer War. Each day, as people continue to wander the Milner Crescent curve or to simply accompany their dog for a stroll along Rhodes Park, they end up traveling the streets honored by the victors of the war.

The fun fact does not end there. There is actually a twist behind the names of each street in Kensington. About eighty-three street names came from the names of the Navy warships of the Royal family. For instance, the street known to be Collingwood derived its name from the dreadnought included in the Navy fleet. This is a way to give honor to the late Vice Admiral of the dreadnought known as Cuthbert Collingwood. He annihilated the French fleet after the fall of Nelson in Trafalgar. The street known as the Royal Oak got its name from the English battleship which was launched in the year 1892 and the list goes on.

Features – Beyond What a Suburb Can Offer

Aside from rich and interesting history, Kensington has notable features as well. One of these features is the Rhode Park which got its name from Cecil Rhodes. In addition, institutions such as the Jeppe High School for boys and the Jeppe High School for girls imply how Kensington values education without any prejudices. One will also enjoy the Kensington Castle where accommodation is at superb standards.

People can simply consider Kensington as a restaurant-inspired neighborhood under continuous development. This is due to the fact that most establishments here are for culinary and dining purposes. Coffee shops are scattered all throughout the suburb as well, allowing people to enjoy both local and international cuisines wherever they are in Kensington. Antique shoppers who tend to visit the Queen Street can easily stop at nearby bistros for lunch or dinner before heading back to their hotels or accommodating hosts.

When it comes to shopping and daily amenities, people can easily get access to numerous shopping centers like the Eastgate Shopping Center as well as the Park Meadows. People who would like to settle their lives within this suburb can get access to offices adjacent to parks such as the Pick ‘N Pay offices. They will never find it difficult to reach the essential establishments they need at any given time.


There are numerous events worth waiting for in the serene suburb of Kensington. One of these events is the Supper Club event held monthly. The goal of the event is to allow the entire community of Kensington to go out of their houses and meet with another. With the company of delightful food and drinks, people can get to know each other and develop the bond within the community.

Another event worth attending is the weekly community walk headed by different community organizations. This event is usually done twice each week – preferably in the middle of weekday and before the weekend. This is the perfect time to go for a stroll as well together with the entire family, with friends, or with the most favorable pet in the family. Organizing this event includes a quick survey about the participating households and institutions.

Aside from relationship-building events, Kensington hold economic events as well such as the Craft Market event held once a month –usually during the last Sunday of the month. The goal is to help residents in making extra income by opening a stall of handmade or home grown products. This is the perfect time to clean up the garage and start selling usable items at affordable prices. At the same time, the entire community will be able to see