Famous for its Big Hole, Kimberley, the capital of Northern Cape Province is an ideal place for anyone seeking an area to live that is not far from some tourist attraction spots. The city in question is of reasonable historical significance due to the mining for diamonds that took place in the past here, and because of the siege that occurred during the Second Boer War. Prominent personalities like Barney Barnato and Cecil Rhodes are known to have made their wealth from here.

Tourist Attractions

Kimberley including its environs is home to a great number of tourist spots that will attract both business professionals as well as families. Probably the most prominent of them all is the Big Hole and Open Mine Museum. The Big Hole actually refers to the largest hand-dug excavation site. This was created as a result of the thousands of people that dug this area in search of diamond from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. The mine museum here consists of carefully reconstructed building structures preserving a significant portion of this city’s past.

Flamingo Island is a tourist haven for bird watchers. This new breeding facility for birds has been constructed at Kamfers Dam. This place is just seven kilometers north of Kimberley. It is home to the Lesser Flamingo, and is a place where they breed, with only four of such places existing in the entire African continent. Kamfers Dam supports up to 60,000 individuals at times, which is regarded as the greatest number of these birds in Southern Africa.

Other interesting places to visit in Kimberley include the Memorial to the Pioneers of Aviation as well as the William Humphreys Art Gallery (WHAG). The Memorial, which was established around 1912/13 is the birthplace of the country’s Air Force. Here, visitors can see a reconstruction of the hanger among other relics of the past. WHAG, which is an important gallery in South Africa, is home to a number of South African sculptures, graphics and paintings (both traditional and contemporary).


Regarding moving within the city as well as out of it, there are a number of means of transportation if you live in the Kimberley area. Meaning that living in this provincial capital will not make it difficult to travel to some of the major cities in South Africa. For one, South African Airways makes available flights to a number of the country’s major city. There is also a train station for those wanting to travel by rail. This is located on Quinn Street.


As for education, Kimberley is replete with various education institutions. Examples of primary schools in the area include Kimberley Junior School, Isago Primary School, Eureka Primary School, Diamantveld Laerskool among others. Then, Homevale High School, St Cyprian’s Grammar School, Adamantia Hoërskool and Emmang Mmogo Comprehensive School are just some of the secondary schools that are present in this place.

It doesn’t end with primary and secondary schools only as Kimberley equally has a number of higher institutions. There is the Henrietta Stockdale Training College for nurses, the National Institute of Higher Education and the Northern Cape Urban FET College, which incorporated the erstwhile Northern Cape, Moremogolo plus RC Elliott Technical Colleges. This way, the city has schools for the better known levels of education to meet a good measure of the schooling needs of the people in the area.


There are different sporting activities in Kimberley. From Cricket to skate boarding. Several prominent South Africans born in this town have brought the country to the limelight due to the feats they have achieved in sports. One of the more successful stories is that of Karen Meir who was born in Kimberley and broke a world record at the tender age of twelve years. This feat was achieved in swimming and she is the youngest person ever up-to this present moment that has broken a world record in any sporting competition.

Other sports such as football and cricket equally have South Africans that were born and raised in Kimberley making the headlines on behalf of their country. Jimmy Tau who was born and raised in this city is a football defender for South Africa. He participated in the 2006 African Nations Cup in Egypt. There is also Xen Balaskas who was born here as well and who made some impact in cricket.

Art and Music

There are a number of writers with strong links to Kimberley or who are from this city. Good examples include Benjamin Bennett, Dan Jacobson, Dorian Haarhoff, and Sarah Gertrude, while Walter Westbrook and William are renowned artists from the town.

Indeed, there is much to be gained for those living in Kimberley. From sports to the tourist attraction that this city presents there is much to learn and enjoy both as a business professional and as a family.