Klerksdorp is an administrative district located in the North West Province of South Africa. Klerksdorp was established in 1837 and is considered as one of the oldest white European settlements, which were part of the old Transvaal province. In the past, gold mining became a popular industry at Klerksdorp but had to be stopped due to the lack of modern-day facilities accessible to miners. Gold mining was then revived a few decades later by numerous mining companies. In 1932 the town has undergone economic revival which rapidly grew after the Second World War.

The urban area of Klerksdorp has incorporated numerous towns including Stilfontein, Kanana, Orkne, Tigane, and Khuma. 2001 census revealed that the population has grown to 350,000 inhabitants. The city of Klerksdorp as well as Rustenburg now represents the economic nerve centre of the North West Province. Klerksdorp now serves as one of the major hubs for gold mining in South Africa though the availability of the said mineral has been declining in the last few years. It is possible though, that Klerksdorp will once again emerge as a top performer for uranium demands in the future.

Klerksdorp is not just focused around mining. Nowadays, Klerksdorp is emerging as an important hub for retail, medical services, education, and commercial services, especially in the North West province and the Northern Free State.
At the moment, Klerksdorp is a competitive producer of sunflowers, groundnuts, sorghum, and Maize. Klerksdorp is also home to the biggest co-op for the agricultural industry in the Southern Hemisphere known as the Senwes. Klerksdorp also has numerous cattle herders.

Interesting Sites
Klerksdorp has been around for quite some time and it has a rich cultural and historical heritage that definitely appeals not only for homeowners that are seeking new homes, but also tourists looking for new interesting places to visit. One of the more interesting sites at Klerksdorp would be the old mining shafts that had been excavated in the 1880s.

There is also the Klerksdorp Museum, which is housed in an old prison. The old structure of the prison was made from clay bricks and a rarely locked door. In 1975, the prison was transformed into a museum. In 1977 the museum was formally opened for public viewing. Most exhibitions in the museum were focused on social history as well as physical.
Another unique site in Klerksdorp would be the rock engravings located at a farm in Bosworth. This is now protected as a national monument.

Fann Meintjies Nature Reserve is just fiften kilometres from Klerksdorp and is home to more than a hundred bird species and thirty game species.

There is a hiking trail that is twelve kilometres long and extends to the oldest sections of the area. Another more recent attraction in Klerksdorp would be the Gold hill or Goudkoppie which is located close to the N12 Highway.

Safety and Health
When it comes to health and health services, Klerksdorp is definitely well equipped with competent health services and facilities. In fact, the city has extensive facilities for advanced cancer treatments. Therefore, it is one of the most sought after places to visit for cancer treatment and even those from other districts go to Klerksdorp for medical attention.
According to crime statistics, Klerksdorp has one of the lowest crime rates in the country so it is generally safe to live in the city. Of course, common petty crimes are to be expected on the streets so common sense and vigilance should be observed by residents and travellers alike.

Klerksdorp has numerous schools including the Klerksdorp Primary School, Klerksdorp Christian Academy, North West School of Design, St. Conrad’s, and others.

Property information
Since Klerksdorp is emerging as important hubs for business and other services, it is but a reality that property investments are bound to increase. At the moment, property seekers are looking for homes that are diverse and unique. It is very obvious that some properties boast of more modern facades and structural designs while others are more nondescript in nature.
Some properties include town houses, while, most properties seem to be focused on one story homes with garages. More expensive property investments would include larger plots, swimming pools, and more ornate designs.

Klerksdorp is predominantly white based on statistical data but Black African populations seeking more appealing homes are definitely emerging.

With some interesting sites, a great history, well established medical services, and a strong economic condition, Klerksdorp is definitely a great venue to consider in the North West Province for a good real estate investment.
It is a nice venue for individuals and families to reside. It is a well maintained location and is mosquito free. With low crime rates and numerous sights and sounds to explore, this is a great option not only to live in but to explore on its own.