Reasons to Live in Linden

Along the western side of greater Johannesburg, South Africa lies the sprawling suburb of Linden. Linden is far from quaint as it is a large suburban area that is on the outskirts of the metropolitan area. This provides residents with easy access to everything the large city provides but is able to tuck themselves away from the daily hustle and bustle of the crazy city life.

Many people have called Linden home, investing in residential properties for this reason as well as many other points. There are several selling points as to why Linden is a great place for individuals, couples or families to relocate to in order to settle in a place where the heart and soul is at peace in a nice atmosphere surrounded by kind people. One of the aspects of Linden is that is located in Northcliff Hill. It is considered to be one of the oldest suburbs in Johannesburg and is also considered to be one of the prettiest. The land itself is surrounded by leafy, gorgeous trees.

The History of Linden

Linden, Johannesburg is actually named after a historical farm also called Linden which was once located where this suburb is affixed over a century ago. The old farmhouse of Linden Farm still stands in the heart of the suburb. It has been restored to a gorgeous condition.

More About Linden

Linden itself is geographically located west of the Jan van Reibeeck Park in the Gauteng province. As a thriving community, the area boasts several large homes. The physical settlement of Linden is fortunate to be surrounded by vast green park areas. Linden is a vast area with several people and lengthy straight streets with much to see and do that draws people in to live. This area was designed with uniformity in mind so that each of the blocks of the suburb is of equal size. Third Avenue is one of the busiest areas and is a location where many shops, churches and schools can be found.

The educational opportunities in the area are also flourishing and there are many places that residents of Linden can also go for recreation. Linden, South Africa offers absolutely everything someone might want in a permanent residence. There are several areas that are devoted to nature and the peaceful serenity that the outdoors can bring to a person. The area is home to many bird sanctuaries. On the alternate view, it is also widely known for many sports clubs. Regardless of a person’s interests, there is always something to do in the Linden area without ever even stepping foot into the city.

Living the Life in Linden

Of all areas in the vicinity of Johannesburg, Linden is a thriving one with several nearby attractions that are favorites to locals and visitors alike. There are numerous opportunities and venues in the Linden area where residents can visit museums, take in some shopping, step back into time at a museum, enjoy the wild animals or take in a sporting event.

For shopping, the Cresta Shopping Centre is nearby in neighboring Northcliff. It boasts three levels of shoppers’ paradise. In addition to all of the boutiques and retail stores, there are also many restaurants in the area, the Barnyard Theatre and a movie theatre. The Randridge Mall, which was built in 1983, offers around 100 retail shops for people of all ages, making it a one stop shop spot.

Also within a short jaunt is the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens which is very popular among the locals because of the surrounding natural beauty. Here there are several gardens and many thriving plants and trees. It is a great place to take children to play, to take a stroll or to even plan a picnic. The Botanical Gardens also often plays host to art fairs and music concerts. The area is so beautiful it is also a popular place for a wedding venue. Zoo Lake also is not far and is situated among a large pond. Much aquatic wildlife is here and people have the opportunity to take in water sports such as swimming or boat rowing. Also in the area, people have the opportunity to take in the area wildlife by going on an adventurous safari tour of the area to see many of the wild animals in their natural habitat.

As one can see, there are many things to see and do to escape the pressures of the city and to invest in a residential property among the green parkland. Many people have been so pleased to live here because of the numerous activities and the various shops, restaurants and other hot spots in the area. It is a step back away from it all and is a gorgeous upscale area of which many residents already have invested in residential properties and have called home.