Little about Lonehill

Lonehill, a beautiful suburb of Johannesburg, Gauteng, is one of the safest and the most wonderful places to live in. The development of this particular area took off way back in 1978 and has significantly contributed in making Lonehill one of the most sought after suburbs in north Johannesburg. In fact, Lonehill features among the first few places, and certainly first in Gauteng, to experience several bouts of developmental activities that have constituted in quality community living today. The place is conveniently located and is easily accessible from the well-known William Nicol Drive and Witkoppen Road.
History of Lonehill

On the northern border of the city’s suburbs, about 28 km north of the city centre, stands the legendary Lonehill Koppie. This small hill is notable both for its picturesque quality and historical significance. In the 1960s Professor Revil Mason, former head of Archaeology at the Wits University excavated three furnaces in the veld below the Koppie, which dates back to the Stone Age. However, Mason once again covered the furnaces in order to protect them. The archaeologist puts the date of these furnaces around 1600, which coincides with the date of the Melville Koppies furnace. Similar to the fenced furnace area, there is another place near it which was used for manufacturing pottery. Remnants from the past that bear evidence of the pastoral people can be found in abundance in the entire area.

Lonehill owes its name to Simon Notten who noticed the distinctive koppie. Part of two farms called Zevenfontein and Rietfontein, they consolidated into one single unit which he named Lonehill. Notten also built the Sandown Union Church in Stella Street, Sandton which was inaugurated by the mayor of Johannesburg, EO Leake, in 1925.

Lonehill As It Is Today

Lonehill features among the list of the most attractive and well-maintained suburbs of Johannesburg. It has all the amenities that are expected of a place offering a comfortable lifestyle.

Good Education Facilities
The residents of Lonehill may choose to enroll their kids in schools and colleges in the other nearby suburbs. However, the Crawford Schools in Lonehill offer private education through all the grades. Schools and colleges include Buttercup Pre-Primary, Crawford College, Crawford Preparatory School, Lonehill Nursery School, and Lonehill Village Pre-school.

Improved Healthcare Benefits
The Lonehill Medical Centre on the Ashton Road serves the residents of this particular suburb. A number of other hospitals of the neighborhood suburbs are also very close. These include Life Healthcare Fourways Hospital, Sandton Medi-Clinic, Olivedale Clinic, and Bryanston Municipal Clinic. The Lonehill Residents Association (LRA), a section 21 company, ensures that there are medical rooms, clinics and pharmacies, provision of Advanced Life Support Paramedics, and a dedicated control room for attending emergency call from the residents. The LRA also offers a free Trauma Debriefing session to all its residents. Finally, there is the Lonehill Veterinary Hospital to take care of the pets.

Superior Safety and Security
The LRA maintains a very tight and efficient security system making Lonehill one of the safest open suburbs in Gauteng. The Fidelity Security Services are in charge of maintaining security of the place. They are known for their zero tolerance of crimes and proactive nature in dealing with any issues related to security. It is quite understandable why despite being tagged as a pricey locale people choose this scenic suburb for business possibilities and to settle in themselves.

Fabulous Fun and Shopping Destinations
Although primarily a residential area, Lonehill has many retail outlets and restaurants, a large shopping mall and supermarkets. A branch of the popular Virgin Active Gym can be found at Lonehill. The suburb is also in close proximity to Dainfern which means that a world-class golf course can be expected nearby. The famous Monte Casino which offers a variety of up-market restaurants, theatre entertainment and many interesting shops can be found just round the corner from Lonehill.

Exciting Events
One of the most important and exciting annual events is the Lonehill Spring festival. This year it was celebrated in October with much zeal and gusto. Singer Louise Carver, hip hop dancers, medieval sword fighters, a tea garden, craft stalls, reptile stands, a play park, and bicycle trick rider Brian Cadder kept the entertainment quotient high. It was celebrated this year after a 4 year gap.
Fantastic Family Outing
One of the primary attractions of this place is the Lonehill Kroppie and its surrounding area. Very old rocks known as tor rocks constitute the Koppie. These are large boulders that now stand enveloped by trees and shrubs except at the very top. The shape and the size of these boulders are rather overwhelming in their appeal and inspire awe in the casual hikers on their journey to the top.

Today, several townhouse developments surround the Koppie. However, in spite of that, the place is reminiscent of Johannesburg in its yesteryears. Small streams finding their way through rocky veld, shrubs and small trees dotting the area and knee-high grass together conjure up the picture of Johannesburg before it was settled. This was also the place where guinea fowls and porcupines could be seen roaming. But now, only daisies populate the area. The Lonehill Lock, a small dam about 200 meters north of the Koppie, is a popular place among the locals who love taking a stroll down the place.
Surrounding the Koppie is a twenty acre plot which is fenced and remains locked on normal days but are opened on weekends letting hikers climb to the top and picnickers enjoy themselves in the surrounding grassy area.

Why Live In Lonehill
More and more people are choosing to relocate to the place that is already home to around three thousand families and the reasons definitely are more than one. A number of factors including the safety of the place make Lonehill the fastest developing commercial and residential hubs in the far north of Sandton. Commuting to work is hassle-free as Lonehill offers an easy access to Bryanston, Sandton CBD and Randburg where many Lonehill property owners and residents have their places of work. Above all, buying a house or renting an apartment in Lonehill is much more than choosing a comfortable lifestyle backed by all modern amenities. It also means giving oneself and one’s family the best that they can expect of safety.