Melrose Estate

Melrose Estate is a suburb located in Johannesburg close to the cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Rosebank. It is a suburb located in Region 3 and is home to numerous traditional homes. In the last decade or so, much development has been happening at Melrose Estate leaving the traditional houses to get transformed into cluster home properties. The development continues today so the total transformation of Melrose Estate is bound to happen. With the Gautrain being planned to be established in Rosebank, the suburb is bound to assume a more peaceful tree-covered area.

Melrose Estate is close to Rosebank, which is a high end, cosmopolitan community that has high end hotels, restaurants, malls, and other tourist attractions. While both are close to each other, Melrose Estate maintains a very peaceful, nondescript appeal making it an ideal option for those who are seeking more subtle property options. Rosebank has a very energetic vibe but Melrose Estate is being developed to become more community oriented by introducing cluster homes. This system transforms traditionally massive plots of land into a residential compound with three or more individual homes. This unique appeal makes Melrose Estate a nice option for families who want to imbibe a more utopian community structur
At the moment, Melrose Estate prices average at around R 8,583,333. Most properties around Melrose Estate are in the higher end. Most likely targeted consumers for the Melrose Estate are those in the upper middle class. Being close to a high end and cosmopolitan environment, families and individuals who are at the upper financial crust definitely are the targeted consumers for the prices offered in Melrose Estate.

Health and safety
Melrose Estate is a well-established neighbourhood. Being a well maintained location close to cosmopolitan environments, it is easy to travel to medical clinics and hospitals. Melrose Estate is also a mosquito-free environment.

Melrose Estate is part of the former Region 3. It is within Sandton, which is a highly commercialized area with suburbs and huge malls. Sandton has a very energetic vibe ever since many businesses and financial operations moved into this area. Nowadays, consumers can find a wide range of activities especially for those seeking fun shopping experiences. Sandton is recognized for having the largest concentration of malls around Johannesburg.

The Blubird Whole Food Market is a great venue for gastrophiles who enjoy food and finding new ingredients. It also is a great venue to enjoy international cuisines. From Polish delights, French and Serbian pies, Italian foods, Lebanese cuisines, and quintessential South African classics.

For those who prefer natural and organic products, Bryanston is a fantastic market located at the northern suburbs of Joburg and for more than three decades has become the centre for high quality food products. This is a fantastic area for those who like to experiment with food and explore the possibilities of a great meal with fresh produce.

Antique seekers and vintage lovers will love to explore the antique shops at Killarney. This is a great place to find tons of memorabilia as well as highly collectable furniture pieces and other products. The Antique Fair at Killarney is also a great venue for dealers to present their products and for vintage hoarders to explore great items both old and new.
Melrose Estate is just a drive away to Rosebank and is a great place for art. The Everard Read Gallery is known for its selection of beautiful art. Upon seeing the façade, the postmodern architecture is a beautiful welcome for the critical eye. It offers a selection of the finest pieces of art from the most celebrated artists in the area.
Recreation, shopping, culture, and art are not difficult to find for those who would like to reside at Melrose Estate. The variety of activities within and outside the quiet suburb will definitely appeal to those who are seeking the best and finest of what Johannesburg can offer to its residents.

There are numerous schools to explore in the Sandton area. These include Alexandra Secondary School, Bovet Primary, British International College Independent School, Bryanston High school, Crawford College, Grayston Preparatory School, Hyde Park High School, and many others. The range of schools comprises basic education to baccalaureate degrees to accommodate the needs of the expanding population of students and families in the area.

Services remain the biggest economy in Sandton while financial and other commercial services are also big players. Retail is a promising enterprise for those who want to build businesses. The wealth of job opportunities is quite diverse especially for those who have considerable experience and education.

With a wealth of accessible services, amenities, and other conveniences easily accessible from residential dwellers, the properties at Melrose Estate is a mixture of both peaceful abandon and convenient accessibility. This is ideal for those who seek quiet residential living while still remaining quite close to the ce