Melville for a Home

Center of recreation and fun, Melville is the location of many restaurants and bars where students from two well-known universities – the University of Johannesburg in Auckland Park and the University of the Witwatersrand in Braamfontein – usually go for relaxation. It’s like being in Las Vegas in South Africa. Plus, it has the lovely Melville Koppies Nature Reserve in its vicinity. Anyone who would like to settle for good can find this city an interesting place to live in.

What’s up in Melville?

Described as “the princess of bohemian life”, Melville was once a Bohemian suburb of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa; also known as one of the city’s gay villages with a terrific hot spot of night life. The city was named after the land surveyor Edward Harker Vincent Melville. The suburb was proclaimed on October 5th 1896 and was described as the “picturesque and healthy spot in the vicinity of Johannesburg with a magnificent view of the wooded country to the north together with the blue Pretoria stretching like lines of steel against the horizon.”

Melville is situated 5 km west of downtown Johannesburg between Beyers Naude Drive and Barry Hertzog Avenue with geographical coordinates of 26° 11′ 0″ South and 28° 1′ 0″ East. It is well served by both taxis and buses, and there is an adequate parking available too. The area, along with Parkhurst and Greenside, is one of the few areas of the Northern Suburbs that have cafes, restaurants, and shops lining the streets; rather than enclosed shopping centers.

The majority of the restaurants are located along 7th Street. Although there are a few new restaurants and nightclubs on the Main Street, most well-known establishments are probably Roxy’s and Catz Pyjamas. A place for people who is looking for relaxation, fun, and night life. If you are an energetic person, this is the place for you to see. The popular soap opera, 7de Laan, uses views of 7th Street, Melville in its opening visuals.

Here, you will find yourself exploring the second-hand bookshops, antique dealers, and body-piercing salons by simply sitting in one of the superb pavement cafés. There are over 30 guest houses in the vicinity and is a popular tourist stopover in Johannesburg. On 7th Street, there are numerous restaurants and bars. The street is a popular hang-out for the cosmopolitan crowd as well.

Melville is also well known for the Melville Koppies, an archeological site with rolling hills of grassland with views over the city. Melville Koppies Nature Reserve was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its archaeological significance and is near the historic suburb of Sophia town. This spectacular nature reserve protects an extensive area of typical Highveld vegetation and includes archaeological remains of both Stone and Iron Age settlements, including iron furnaces. Entrance is absolutely free for those who would like to visit it.

Education in Melville

Schools in Melville offer numerous ranges of services, from mainstream education to special education. One of the schools that provide special needs of children is the Sparrow Foundation School. The Foundation School provides remedial and special education to disadvantaged children between the ages of 7 and 14. It has designed a specialized curriculum aimed at addressing the barriers of students’ learning capabilities.
The academic program is supplemented by sewing, cooking, woodwork and creative design, and technology courses.

The support services provided include speech therapy, educational psychology, social intervention, remedial therapy, and occupational therapy. All aimed at addressing the specific needs of the child. Melville Montessori School is said to be one of the finest schools in South Africa with a curriculum that enhances the child’s potential in different activities such as acting, swimming, music, and the like.

More on Melville

Melville is the perfect location for all sorts of exciting and unique restaurants that offer foods for different tastes. In fact, some of the most popular restaurants and bars in South Africa are situated right in Melville. One of the most popular restaurants is the Buzz 9. It has been awarded as one of the best. The establishment boasts an industrial-style interior with a vast cocktail selection. Hip locals use sofas or chairs inside or take tables by the pavement in order to watch the lively street life.

Melville asserts a rather peculiar but pleasant exception. The suburb’s neighborly atmosphere is mainly due to its chaotic mix of residential and commercial properties, which sometimes mingle to a point where one may just find himself mistakenly settling down in a gorgeous private home.
Some of Melville’s nicest homes, dated back to the 19th century, have been converted into charming guest houses and are increasingly becoming popular, especially, among foreign travelers.

Melville, therefore, is a meeting place and general hang-out for many students and professionals who would like to be entertained from a day’s work because of its trendy restaurants, clubs, pubs, and theatres. Melville is definitely a lively, trendy, and a unique suburb. It promises nothing but only an entertaining and an unforgettable evening.