Getting To Know Nelspruit

Situated in northeastern South Africa about a hundred kilometers west of the Mozambique border and three hundred and thirty kilometers from Johannesburg, is a sun-soaked city called Mbombela, formerly known as Nelspruit. It is a place where the orange trees grow in abundance, the subtropical climate continues throughout the year, and the warmth of the weather finds its way to the heart of the people.

Locational Benefits Of Nelspruit

Being the capital of the Mpumalanga region, Nelspruit enjoys a strategic position in the Crocodile Valley, which makes it the ideal base for exploring the natural treasures contained in Mpumalanga and the Krugar National Park. Apart from the rolling lush green hills and breathtaking natural beauty, the city also acts as a very important industrial production center for the region. Both these factors combine together to make Nelspruit appealing to the tourists and the residents alike.

The Past Of Nelspruit

The place owes its origin to three brothers of the Nel family. These brothers used to graze their cattle around this site during the winter months. The city, which was founded in 1895 also served as the South African Republic governments, (and not the Republic of South Africa), seat for a short period of time during the Boer War. The South African Republic was an independent Boer republic.

Nelspruit As It Is Today

The legacy of the past and the convenience of the present find their most wonderful blend in the city of Nelspruit. The area is progressively industrial in its approach and yet has an undying commitment to preserving the traditions of the African tribes. It also boasts of awesome natural resources. Nelspruit is the home to the site for the original gold rush, Pilgrim’s Rest that has already been declared as a national monument. Tourists to the place can have a tête-à-tête with the traditional Shangaan life at the Shangana Cultural Village. The oldest known cave in the world can be found at the Sudwala Caves. Similarly, a collection of rare and wonderful plant species along with the first man-made rain forest waits to be explored at the Lowveld Botanical Gardens.
Connectivity At Nelspruit

The city is situated on the Maputo Corridor, which is a very important trade route that connects Johannesburg to Maputo in Mozambique. This automatically makes Nelspruit well-connected to the other parts of South Africa. Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMI) and the Nelspruit Airport are the two main airports serving the place. Scheduled flight to Johannesburg and less frequently to Cape Town and other cities are taken from the KMI Airport, which is located to the north-east. The Nelspruit Airport on the other hand is primarily used by private and charter flights. Although it has its own tower, this airport located to the south-west and on the Kaapschhoop Road is controlled from the KMI Airport.

Education At Nelspruit
Apart from the schools in the neighborhood, Nelspruit has its own share of both primary and high schools and college. The list includes Lowveld High School, Valencia Combined School, St Peters School, and Penryn College.

Healthcare Facilities At Nelspruit
Located conveniently within an easy reach from all the major arterial traffic routes, the Mediclinic Nelspruit provides excellent medical services. The community that the hospital serves spreads from Belfast to Hoedspruit and from Swaziland to Maputo. Other important hospitals that can be found in the region include the Rob Ferreira Hospital and the West Acres Animal Hospital for the pets.

Shopping And Entertainment At Nelspruit
There are many fascinating shopping destinations at Nelspruit. Topping the list is the Riverside Mall located on N4 to White River. It has 140 stores, 15 restaurants, cafes, movies, and entertainment venues. Located at the very heart of the city is another stylish mall known as the I’Langa Mall. It caters to all kinds of shopping needs and its fabulous restaurants make it a food lover’s paradise. There are various other shopping centers where people can do grocery shopping, banking, pharmacy, dry cleaning and even gym. The popular Emnotweni Casino is situated at Nelspruit, on the way to White River.
Attractions At Nelspruit

There is no end to the ways in which Nelspruit can fascinate every soul. The entire region has been divided into seven different zones, each with their own unique appeal. On one hand there is the Kruger National Park, which is the home to the ‘big five’ of the African wildlife – lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. On the other hand stands the Sudwala Caves, the dinosaur park, and the cultural center.

Beautiful natural scenery waits for a hiking enthusiast in the Nelspruit Nature Reserve, the Green Heritage Hiking Trail, and the Nelspruit Historical Walking Trail. A recent addition to Nelspruit’s awesomeness is the Mbombela Stadium, which offers an absolutely stunning venue for various sporting events and for soccer.

Why To Live In Nelspruit
The reasons why someone would consider living or relocating to Nelspruit are many. It is a place where the beauty and bounty of nature spread far beyond the small farms or the manicured gardens. So anyone who loves to drink in the greenness of the surrounding would absolutely love this place. All this without sacrificing any of the comforts of a modern lifestyle. Nelspruit is also one of the fastest developing regions of South Africa because it functions as the trading center for the surrounding fruit producing area of Mpumalanga. Above all, it is the warmth of the weather and the people that touches the heart and stays there forever.