Northriding: Home Sweet Home

North Riding, formerly of Johannesburg Region 5, is presently a suburb of Randburg. The district was so named after a historic subdivision of Yorkshire in England. Now the three historic subdivisions are: North Riding, East Riding and West Riding. At the time ‘North’ was the favored name out of these three due to the fact of where it was located, which was north of Johannesburg’s CBD (Central Business District).

The province, which North Riding falls under, is Gauteng. Previously, North Riding was considered rather rural and even had Agricultural Holding status. This has since changed after 1996 when the area developed rapidly, regarding both its residential as well as commercial sector. Olivedale, Northgate, Johannesburg North, and Golden Harvest are some of the suburbs that surround North Riding.

Enjoy North Riding’s Peaceful Environment

Although once considered a location for small holdings, things have so far changed for North Riding and it is now an area that is attracting many who are looking for a place of refuge. That is away from the hectic life in Johannesburg. The near scenic-environment of this area plus the recent development that has taken over this place, which has brought about modern homes, small businesses, gourmet eateries, and a charming variety of coffee shops, makes it a good place to live.

Tourist Attraction

One of the advantages of living in North Riding is that the Johannesburg International Airport isn’t far from here. Not only that, there are other benefits associated with living here. First, there is a golf course, (for as many who love to swing their clubs), as well as an ice skating rink, which is not far away, being only a few kilometers from here. There is also the Coca-Cola Dome, which may be the largest and most popular venue for national as well as international shows, concerts, and exhibitions which people and their families can visit.

However, there are even other interesting places too, which tourists also like to visit as well. For instance, there is the Dutch Windmill in Randburg, which has been declared a National Monument. There is also the well-known Montecasino Leisure Complex where an entire family can be well entertained with as much as fifteen cinemas available, a skate park, children’s creche present, as well as the Peter Toerien Theatre to attend.

Life in North Riding

Property in North Riding comprises of different residential types. This includes much older, farm-type, large family homes on two hectares or more of land. However, many of such structures have been brought down and built again into modern-styled homes with gardens, tennis courts, and a pool on a hectare or two of land. In spite of this, there are also single family home units that are smaller. These can be found in suburban areas on a quarter-size acre to half an acre of land.

Several low density and high security cluster complexes of more than one unit and in some cases up to twelve units are available here. There are higher density of twelve to fifty units as well as full title units in this place too. In addition to this, there is sectional title townhouses that consist of one to fifty units. In some cases it is far more equally present in this area.

Regarding health, North Riding has at least two hospitals. This includes Wilgeheuwal Hospital and Netcare Olivedale. There are other health facilities here as well. The health centers that can be seen in this area, together with the hospitals, meet the health needs of the people living in this suburb. For those who love to borrow books from the library or do some research, nearby libraries are present in Olivedale as well as in Boskruin.

Other things in North Riding

Education is an important factor when considering where to live or move in to. There are some primary schools in North Riding. They can be found in places such as Bolang, Vuleka, Sharonlea, and Boskop. Also, Trinity House as well as Randpark High, which is located in Randpark Ridge. Some of the churches that are present in North Riding are: the Catholic Church, the Methodist Church, as well as the Anglican Church.

It seems for the most part that this area has attracted mostly the younger generation when it comes to getting a place to live here. This may be attributed to lower pricing. That is when compared with places like Sandton or Fourways.

Anyone who prefers living in an area with relatively new modern buildings, while still retaining a countryside atmosphere, then look no farther than North Riding. No wonder it comes as no surprise that Miriam Makeba the musical icon that was respected the world over, was known to reside in North Riding at the time she passed away.