Situated between Saxton and Westcliff is Parktown, which is heralded as one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city of Johannesburg. With its imposing history, equally imposing residential properties are also present in the area. For those seeking homes that exude old world European romance with that of London’s older locations, Parktown can pretty much offer that vibe much closer to home.

The grandiose appeal of Parktown was created especially since it was once a place to house the most successful entrepreneurs of the time. Its eclectic aristocratic vibe makes it a lovely location not only to live in but also to seek inspiration due to the energetic vibe in the area. The Parktown architecture is one of the most unique qualities of this area. With its interesting collage of inspirations and old world appeal, Parktown is simply one of the best elite suburbs around.

Those who are seeking inspiration or maybe intrigued by the properties in the area can definitely take a peek inside one of the homes and not just drive by and look at the façade. In fact, Parktown and Westcliff Heritage Trust now offer tours every week across Johannesburg, which also includes a stopover to the Victorian section of Parktown in Ridge Road. For anyone who lives within Johannesburg, a visit or even living beside these incredible structures will surely be a great blessing for them.
Parktown is not as energetic and fast paced as other towns and suburbs across Johannesburg. In this place, time is honoured and every place should be experienced with considerable scrutiny and analysis. The charm and appeal of the old Victorian homes across Parktown are not the only things to enjoy.

The lovely local businesses and establishments such as art galleries, posh restaurants, and boutique shop are other places to visit. Each place is a great venue to take a seat, relax, enjoy, and experience the romance and the enticement present in the area.

Parktown has some very popular and highly revered schools in Johannesburg, one being Parktown Boys’ High School, which was established in 1922. It is now considered as one of the top performing secondary schools in South Africa. Other Schools in Parktown include Deutsche Schule Johannesburg, the Helpmekaar College, and The Key School for children with autism. Holy Family College, Rand Meisieskool, Parktown Public School, and the Roedean School are other options.

Since the location is quite populated by those from illustrious families and well-to-do homeowners, the range of educational institutions are tailored to ensure students are provided with world class education.

Services and Facilities
Parktown is well equipped with all the needs for its residents. Some of its establishments include the Brent Hurst Clinic, Donald Gordon Medical Centre, Johannesburg Medical Hospital, Milpark Hospital, and the Parklane clinic. As a well-kept location, security and safety in the suburbs are well managed and are also free from risks such as mosquito-related diseases.
It is a safe and well kept neighbourhood ideal for those who want to raise children or who want a generally safe location. Parktown is also well located and has accessible routes to numerous commercial conveniences outside the suburbs.

When it comes to culture and the arts, Parktown along with numerous contiguous suburbs consist of the cultural centre of Johannesburg. Modern day Parktown is not anymore just an elitist location and is now a great venue to visit for those who like to explore arts and culture of Johannesburg. Wits Education Campus for example houses the Linder Auditorium where the renowned Johannesburg Philharmonic orchestra plays.

The Youth Orchestra Company also plays at the nearby Williams Block. The Children’s theatre is housed in two beautiful mansions in Parktown while the illustrious South African Ballet Theatre and the Youth Ballet are close to Braamfontein.
For those who want to be exposed in culture, arts, performance, and music, or would like their kids to also grow in an environment that fosters cultural development, Parktown definitely offers a great deal of opportunities for a growth and development.

Those who like to hang in museums or just enjoy history will love the idea that Parktown houses or is close to some of the more popular museums in Johannesburg. These include the Absa Money Museum, which houses the biggest and most extensive collection of money used in old South Africa.

It also reveals the economic, social, and political history of South Africa. The Adler Museum of Medicine houses thousands of items related to pharmacy, dentistry, and medicine throughout the ages. The Apartheid Museum is a great place to visit to view how adversity has been beaten by the inexhaustible human spirit.

Parktown has fully blossomed not only as an ideal suburb for families, but also as a great epicentre of history, heritage, art, and entertainment. It is a promising venue for real estate and is a great venue for those who seek pleasant and peaceful environment.