Enter Parys – The Gateway to the Dome

Parys of the South African, Free State province is known as the gateway in order to access the Vredefort Dome, the largest and the oldest impact site of a meteorite across the globe. The entire picturesque this town has to offer is already enough to remind people about the beauty of a French city situated above the banks of the Seine. Nowadays, the town of Parys offers both outdoor and old country-based activities.

The Town’s Earlier Years

The town of Parys is famous due to its unique features visible to the naked eye. The most unique feature of the town was caused by a meteorite, which struck the Earth 200 million years ago. The giant meteorite hit the Southern East area of Vredefort, creating a dome that has become one of the major tourist attractions in the province of Free State. The dome, also called as Vredefort Dome, measures around 200-kilometer in diameter.

In the mid-1870’s, all towns in the province were situated in huge distances between one another. Making it difficult for people to participate in different activities such as religious practices, religious establishments were scattered between different towns and people had to travel far to visit their respective religious houses. Because of this, the Dutch Reformed Church decided to persuade the owners of Klipspruit to allow their farms to be transformed into a township. Upon the disapproval, the Reformed Church transmitted their offer to the residents of the Vischgat, (what is now Vredefort), where the proposal was accepted.

Noticing the opportunity, which had passed, the owners of Klipspruit decided to follow what Vischgat embraced. In 1876, the residents of Klipspruit donated a portion of their land in order to build a church necessary for the title of township.

There are many accounts regarding the town’s name, Parys. The most widely accepted is the account based from the suggestion of a Prussian War survivor named Schillbach. He participated in the siege of Paris and accordingly, the memories were still fresh to the point that he predicted that the day will definitely come when a prosperous town will emerge on top of the Vaal River similar to that of Paris in France.

To supplement what was suggested, Schillbach coined the name Versailles and Issy to the adjacent farms of Klipspruit, named after the two forts situated in the central city of France. The municipal government began in the year 1883 and was followed by different developments, especially, after a good amount of gold was founded three years later. Today, what was called Klipspruit in the past is already famed as the gateway of the meteorite site, the town of Parys.

The Business District

There are different businesses available in Parys. Most of them serve as a necessity for the amenities one has to acquire while staying within the town. One of the business establishments known in the town for a long time now is the jewelry shop filled with gem-embedded accessories. Most of what was being sold was made out of gold mined within Parys itself.

Free Wi-Fi is also available within the city territory. Both locals and visiting individuals will be able to access the internet anywhere in the town. Pet lovers, on the contrary, will find establishments needed to guarantee the health of their pets such as the veterinarian clinic and a hospital designed for animals. Those who like to establish their business within the town but would also like to expand across the World Wide Web can take advantage of the website development services available in the town.

Aside from what was already mentioned, there are also computer shops, computer retailers, and photography services widely available for both locals and visitors.

Town Activities

There is no reason not to love the different activities available in Parys. People who want to spend more time along the river can opt to participate in water activities such as rafting, kayaking, or boat riding. Water adventures along the river can be done individually or in groups, depending upon the participant’s preferences.

People who decide to visit the country to play golf will definitely love Parys as well. The town offers two golf estates for both tourists and local residents where a grand picturesque of the surroundings can easily be viewed. Those who want to take on some adventures over the dome will find quad-bike riding exciting. People are allowed to travel around the dome and enjoy a ride over a quad-bike by simply taking advantage of these activities.

Aside from all this, there other activities as well such as team building, rope climbing, and many more. There are activity providers that offer multiple services and activities. This makes it a challenge for everyone to ask for comprehensive information about the different activities being offered. By doing so, people will love the different adventures laid-out within the dome’s gateway.