Scouts the world over may be familiar with Pinetown primarily because Scout Movement founder Lord Baden Powell once lived here and visitors can still see his original house today.

This small city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal has an elevation of up to 1,300 feet making it a cool place to stay in at any time of the year.

The tourist-friendly climate of Pinetown with temperatures ranging from 21.6°C to 26.8°C degrees all-year-round makes it an ideal destination for a variety of water-based activities like swimming, surfing, and boating.

While visiting Pinetown during summer, it is best to remember that most rainfalls happen in mid-summer.

Those who do not want to be caught in the rain should visit the town in June when there is less rainfall.

Its population of 100,037 consists mostly of Black African at fifty-seven percent, and Whites at twenty-five percent. The rest are Coloured, Indians, and Asians.

There are many ways to relocate to Pinetown either as a permanent resident with a work permit of at least five years, or marriage to a citizen of South Africa. Those with work permits can bring their spouse and children below 21 years of age.

While the main language spoken in town is isiZulu at fifty-two percent, English is a secondary language at forty percent. The other languages spoken in Pinetown are Afrikaans, isiXhosa, Sesotho, and other minor languages.


The town, which was established in 1948, got its name from Natal governor Sir Benjamin Pine.

Boer children and women used to live in a concentration camp in Pinetown during the Second Boer War.

While the town is now a popular producer of leather goods, plywood, aluminum products, and corrugated containers, most of its residents still work in Durban.
Economy and Tourism

Pinetown is an ideal investment and relocation area because of the many economic prospects and its strategic location.

The city is a favorite destination for industries not only because of the incentive packages offered by the local government, but also because of the availability of abundant and skilled labor.

Transportation within the various destinations in Pinetown and the nearby areas is easily available. A short drive will take tourists to the popular Valley of 1000 Hills.

One of Pinetown’s attractions is the scenic Nature Reserve, which boasts of coastal grasslands, forests, birds, and a variety of wild flowers.

Those who love nature treks would love the Waterfall trail at the Paradise Valley Nature Reserve, where one can get a good view of Umbilo Falls.

Pinetown is generally a vibrant and exciting place to live in because it caters to families with its strategic residential areas, entertainment, restaurants, and shopping centers such as St. John’s Checkers, Knowles Spar and Pine Walk.

There are various quality schools to choose from for families relocating to Pinetown with their children including the Sarnia Primary School, Benjamin Pine Primary School and the Pinetown Boys or Girls High Schools.

There are various residential locations to choose from whether one intends to stay in Pinetown for a short time or for good. Take for example the tranquil Cowies Hill with its elegant homes and cool environment.

There are other suburbs to choose from depending on the homeowner’s budget, preferences and place of work including Farningham Ridge, Pinelands, Hatton Estate and The Wolds.

For travelers who want to get a taste of Pinewood’s hospitality, there are various resorts and hotels like the luxury homes in Misty Ridge, which is only a twenty minute drive from the Durban International Airport. From this location, it will take only ten minutes to the other attractions in town.

If there is one thing Pinetown is famous for then it would be the many motor dealerships, which has earned for it the moniker “motor town”.

The town also has several medical facilities, both private and government, for those who may require regular or emergency medical attention.

Pinetown’s old flag shows three pineapples as a play on the name of Lieutenant-Governor Pine for which the town was named after. But more than that, it is symbolic of the area’s originally robust agricultural sector, which has now been replaced by industry as shown by the cogwheels. The flag is however no longer used since December 2000.


One of the country’s oldest cricket clubs is located in Pinetown. Established in 1873, the Pinetown Cricket club has hosted up to ten first class cricket games in its new location from 1974 to 1979.

Residents and visitors who seek some action can check out the Highway Action Sports Arena where Cricket, Soccer, and Netball can be played. It is also possible to keep the children more active with the Arena’s junior league cricket.

For a bigger sports venue, there is always the Lahee Park Sports Complex, which boasts of a gymnasium, tennis courts, facilities for rugby, hockey, and cricket as well as a motocross track.

Taking every aspect that can make life fun and satisfying for every individual and family, including leisure, education, and a comfortable lifestyle close to nature but with life’s modern amenities, Pinetown is indeed an ideal place to be.