Plettenberg Bay: The Earthly Paradise

Some places are unknown due to several factors. Mostly it’s because they’re too small, sometimes because other towns in the same country shadow them. Such is the case of Plettenberg Bay, one of the most beautiful and exciting places in South Africa. Sure, it’s a small town. Yes, there’s nothing that grabs our attention to it in the first place. The truth is that the less you know about a place the more it will astonish you. Read below why.

Plettenberg Bay, or ‘Plett’, is a small town situated in the Bitou Local Municipality, in the Western Cape Province. It is small in almost every sense. There are not too many people. There is basically no stress. The cost of living is low. But above all the place is an undiscovered paradise to many. That’s what makes it so worthy. With about 46,000 inhabitants spread through 165 square kilometres, it only makes sense it stays that way. A secret well kept.

The province of Western Cape is malaria free. Even though it’s a small location, development ensured sanitation. This isn’t a high end location to go to for a job. In fact, it’s a dormitory town during the low seasons, autumn and winter. Nevertheless it’s a two hours drive to Port Elizabeth, or just thirty minutes to Rexford. But the economy is exciting, thanks to tourism. Right after November, the summer season transfigures the town. It becomes clogged with people and traffic. Restaurants are booked for weeks on end. The streets provide great nightlife entertainment. In short, the place becomes alive.

Why Plettenberg Bay?
This is the calmest place you can think of. Work is not abundant, but it can be found nearby. Life conditions are top rated here, as every basic need is covered. Families moving to the Bay will benefit from the natural beauty of the place. Education is provided for elementary and secondary studies here. Then, the summer season where you can relax or even develop a small business and earn some extra. Quality of life is guaranteed.

The town provides technical or top jobs like general management or financial assistant. Seasonal or part-time jobs like hairstylist or promoter are also available. Nevertheless the offer is not too high. This is a great opportunity to create a business.

Plettenberg Bay offers many solutions to everyday’s needs. Health wise, there are the Bay View Private Hospital and the Plett Medi Clinic. Food and utensils are very easy to find, be it from street vendors or the hundreds of stores spread everywhere in the area. The Market Square Shopping Centre is also a good option with fifty-three shops. Put simple, whatever people need is easily found.

Education is suited to the size of the town. There are several primary and secondary schools to choose from. Literacy level in Plettenberg Bay is rising, so expect a good quality of life for children too.

Leisure is the most important aspect of Plettenberg Bay, as it’s the town’s main income source. With so many beaches to explore like Myoli or Nature’s Valley, the place comes to life during the summer season. Accommodations during the summer are very sought after. So a good idea for a business would be lodging. Sports and cultural events fill the area in this season, providing plenty of animation. Fine dining is possible, and in the summer the local restaurants are overbooked. The nightlife and bars and discos also provide a lot of entertainment, be it to youngsters or anyone else wanting to relax a little. Natural life is also very important, as there are sanctuaries like the Kruger National Park and the Serengeti National Park where all savannah animals can be seen.

Not much more has to be said about Plettenberg Bay. But it’s always good to reinforce that the town is synonymous with quality of life.

More Information on Plettenberg Bay’s History

100,000 years ago the Middle Stone Age man inhabited Plettenberg Bay, so it goes as far as that. In more recent history, it was first visited by the Portuguese in the fifteenth Century and named Bahia Formosa, (the beautiful bay). In terms of weather, the area is greeted by a very soft temperate maritime climate. The mountains around the peninsula are inserted, which provide natural measures against the cold, heat, and humidty. The temperatures in the winter are never below 10ºC, and in the summer never below 17ºC. Just perfect!

Plettenberg Bay isn’t a good example of busy and cosmopolite life, and people there like it that way. The main languages are Afrikaans, English, and Xhosa. Real estate moves at a slow pace here. Just like everything else. No rushes, no hurries, as in this case less is more. House prices are not high, mostly due to the size of the Bay. Starting at tens of thousands Rand and going up to the hundreds of thousands, it’s easy to see it’s not an overcrowded region. Be one of the first people to discover this gold mine!