Polokwane was initially known as Pietersberg and is now revered as the capital of Limpopo. Also regarded as the Place of Safety, Polokwane is a massive metropolis located in the North. It also serves as an important economic centre, effectively serving its bustling agricultural industry.

Polokwane is neighbours with other African nations such as Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. Polokwane is also close enough to the iconic Kruger National Park, making this city the perfect headquarters for travellers and adventurers as well as those who want to be closer to the Paradise on earth.

Polokwane is a three hour drive away north of the JHB International Airport. The city boasts of emerging economic stability and cultural vibrancy that makes it a really attractive city to stay in. Being in the North Region of South Africa, Polokwane is an important tourist hub due to its proximity to many tourist destinations within South Africa and the greater continent.

As a growing metropolis, Polokwane offers numerous infrastructures as well as amenities to those who seek them. Nowadays, there are many shopping malls as well as places of business including industries like manufacturing and engineering. There is also increasing popularity of service industries including legal, medical, and educational.

Apart from massive malls and shops, there is also a dominance of restaurants, food centres, recreational spots, theatres, and upscale commercial venues to appeal to the budget and luxury consumer. Businessmen and companies seeking to do business or hold conference at Polokwane will find hotels and conference areas as well as casinos.

Culture and the Arts
Polokwane is emerging also as a venue for culture and art appreciation. Nowadays, there is a massive range of art collections in Polokwane with tons of sculptures that could beat any other place in South Africa. The Civic Square is definitely the place to visit for art. An icon of the city, a family of giraffes, is much known in Polokwane.

There are many other important cultural icons in Polokwane such as the Polokwane Museum housed in Irish House. Another important site in Polokwane would be the Roman Catholic Church, which was erected in the 1930s. Polokwane also has an open air museum known as the Bakone Malapa that shows the architecture, environment, culture, and daily lives of the Northern Sotho people.

Important Attractions
Polokwane is quite a surprising location to explore especially for those who have not been here before. The University of the North is an impressive place to visit. Another option to consider would be the Meropa Entertainment and Casino for those who have an affinity to gambling and taking chances.

The Game Reserve at Polokwane is the biggest game reserved own by a municipality in South Africa, carrying twenty-one species of game within a twenty kilometre trail. Another option would be the Bird and Reptile Park of Polokwane with very interesting collections of animals plus some snake demonstrations.

Polokwane boasts of very important hunting areas in the country. There are remote areas in Polokwane that are ideal for those people seeking adventure or a chance to enjoy the scenic beauty that is not found anywhere else. For example, the game reserve is one of the remaining few establishments that ensures localized and undisturbed environments that consist mainly of the Plateau false grassland of Polokwane.

For those who want to learn about history, they will want to check out the Concentration Camp Cemetery and other great monuments that tell the history of Polokwane and Limpopo.

Of course, when moving to a new place, it is necessary to know the best schools especially for growing kids. Polokwane boasts of numerous schools such as the Mookamedi High School, Northern Academy, Tom Naude High School, Capricorn High School, and others. For college students, there is the University of South Africa satellite campus as well as the Tshwane University of Technology. Close to Polokwane is the Turfloop campus of the University of Limpopo.


Though it may be a small city compared to other massive metropolis in South Africa, the energy and vibrancy of Polokwane is definitely a force on its own. While the blazing sun sets, the energy of Polokwane just begins to go full force. While international tourists are emerging as the city establishes itself throughout the years, those who desire to stay in Polokwane can definitely take advantage of its current state to grow as the city continues to prosper and move forward. At the moment, with its expanding retail market and strong service industries, Polokwane is bound to expand its reach, offering a wide variety of opportunities for those who want to stay.

The city of Polokwane has an interesting interplay of tree lined villages, rural areas, and curious townships. More than that, it also boasts of having the lowest crime rate in South Africa, definitely, staying and living in Polokwane is like being close to a dream.