Port Elizabeth: The Marriage of Earth and Sea

There’s a secret place in South Africa where those who know best live. Its privileged location by the sea makes it uniquely positioned. That place is Port Elizabeth and it’s commonly known as ‘The Friendly City’. Port Elizabeth is one of the largest cities in South Africa and it is 480 miles east of Cape Town. So why live here? Simply because everything people need is provided by this massive city! Be it facilities, business, commerce, or any other requirements.

Port Elizabeth is surrounded by other important cities like Motherwell or Bethelsdorp. The city was founded in 1820 to accommodate British settlers. It is now inserted into the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality.

After the Apartheid era, the city boomed in size and population thanks to the increasing work demand. So, it soon became a desired place to live. Other aspects that make it popular are the diverse offers of EVERYTHING, and of course the spectacular seaside. Moving in with the family proves to be a good decision. Kids will have plenty of schools available and adults a lot of job opportunities. There’s also leisure and fun of course. Whichever the needs, Port Elizabeth delivers.
Real estate in Port Elizabeth is undergoing the same boom. Employment rates are through the roof, and so many people are lured to the city. After seeing what it has to offer, people decide to stay. Be it for jobs, attractions, or a better life style, people love it here. Property values are quite feasible and within everyone’s range. This is a great chance to learn more about it so read on.

Why Should Elizabeth Port Be Considered?
It depends on each person and situation. Some go because of work. Others choose it because of better family conditions. Some others come for the sea as well. Being close to important cities and commerce is also a plus. Furthermore, Port Elizabeth is the most important economic hub of the Eastern Cape.

This is the nation’s capital of motor jobs. Companies like Ford, Volkswagen, GM, or Continental are established in Port Elizabeth along many others. The job opportunities are many, whatever the branch. It’s also a very important seaport. Right now, a new industrial zone is under construction for even more development and opportunities.

Then everything is available. There are plenty of venues to choose common needs from. Big sized shopping malls like Greenacres or Walmer Park provide them under one roof. Of course other smaller stores offer groceries, clothes, eating establishments, and everything needed to simplify people’s life.

If a school is needed, one just has to know which one. Be it basic, intermediary, or university level, there’s a list of 285 establishments to choose from. Whatever the course, it’s available in one of them.

As for leisure, it couldn’t get better. Natural wildlife lovers go to the Kragga Kamma or the Seaview Game and Lions Game Parks. Sports fans visit temples like St. George’s Park. Culture addicts have many museums and art galleries to choose from. If someone is a golf enthusiast, there’s the Humewood Golf Course. There are beaches people can go to relax during the Christmas season. Cricket is the main sport here but soccer is popular too. Matches are regular and stadiums and arenas thrive.
The city’s population mixes all age groups for obvious reasons. Children and senior citizens alike live in Port Elizabeth since it suits everyone’s interests, from study to vacation and also retirement plans. In terms of health, one can find hundreds of different facilities permanently working.

More About Port Elizabeth
Port Elizabeth’s history goes back more than five hundred years in the modern age. Portuguese discoverers were the first to set foot on it. The French, the English, and the Dutch left their marks in the town’s culture too. It has a subtropical climate so rain is scarce over the year. Winters are cold but not harsh and summer is warm but not too much. It’s situated on the Eastern Cape. So it has one of the best infrastructures. There are good quality roads leading everywhere. The town is also well served in air, railway, and sea transportation.

Its population of over one million people forms part of a vibrant mix of energy and diversity that makes it one of the wealthiest provinces in Africa. Besides, the abundance and mix of cultures and idioms make it quite an exotic place to live. The most common ones are Afrikaans, English, and Xhosa. The real estate market has many solutions for buyers. Prices aren’t high, ranging from several tens of thousands to million Rand. Several aspects come into play about price fluctuation like the vicinities and available services.

No matter the budget or likes, it is certain that this city holds something for everyone. Heaven is in fact a place on Earth. It’s just called Port Elizabeth.