RANDPARK RIDGE: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Everyone knows where to go at the end of the day. Be it a house, a city, or a country. Thus, it’s called ‘home’. Some prefer to find a home that is better suited to their individual needs, though not in the middle of the city. Not too far away and not in an industrial zone, with all the commodities at hand. Mainly not in a place where everyone knows what someone had for dinner, but at the same time where people treat each other amicably by their name. In synthesis, that home is Randpark Ridge.

Randpark Ridge is a South African suburb that is situated on the outskirts of Randburg. A massive town belonging to the Gauteng district, which is part of the City of Johannesburg, and is surrounded by large cities. For example, Soweto, Pretoria, and Benoni. The suburb came into existence in the very early 1980’. Thus, it is relatively new. It’s surrounded by several other important districts like Fairland, Honeydew, and Bromhof.

Randpark soon rose to prominence due to its beautiful venues and habitation possibilities. Becoming quickly a reference place for those that were looking for comfort and tranquillity. So, which case in particular can one consider? Moving in with the family to a safer and yet very cosmopolite place is a great choice. Or maybe plan the golden years of retirement. A place to rest and enjoy the natural beauty and the attractions around. Maybe there is a recent promotion. There’s the need to get to the city faster than before. In order to meet up the exigencies of the job. Whichever the case, Randpark Ridge has all the needs to suit different scenarios.

Real estate in this area is flourishing exactly because of the diversity the place provides. Of course for all of its attractions, natural or artificial, this is a great start to know a bit about it. After getting to know the place, then there are plenty of opportunities waiting like apartments, villas, houses, or even land to build a house. If it’s within the budget range, buying is of course the first option. If not, building is always a great solution.
Why Randpark Ridge?

First of all, the proximity with every single major district and town make this a very desirable place to live. As the vicinity with the major cities, be it north, southwest, or east, allow for a convenient lifestyle.
There’s everything needed to live right by the door, be it supermarkets, schools, several businesses, shopping malls, health facilities, churches, parks, golf greens. The ridge that lends its name to the suburb provides breathtaking views over Johannesburg and that is inserted into a Natural Reserve.

Still on this, there’s a wildlife refuge that can be visited nearby. For those that value culture and arts, there’s a museum as close as ten miles away from the centre. More importantly, and very nearby (in Gauteng), one can visit the World Heritage site that is The Cradle of Mankind, reportedly the birthing place of all Humanity.

As for schools and jobs, there are several options available. From prep school to high school. Randpark Ridge is in the middle of several important and bigger towns. Jobs are quite easy to get, from casual part-times to high end permanent jobs in industries as IT and healthcare.

The population of Randpark Ridge is composed of varied ages, from children to seniors. This makes sense as it’s a community place that interests everyone involved. Be it for a university student or for seniors wanting to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the suburbia. It is much more relaxed and calmer than the city. Natural activities are available wherever you turn. There’s even local interest for fauna and flora from its inhabitants.

Being so close to all other major suburbs and towns obviously makes Randpark Ridge a very busy and economy focused ‘outpost’, as it’s in the middle of all business. The crown jewel of it all is certainly the Bright Water Commons, the perfect family shopping mall. There are more than sixty stores, restaurants, and a park-life themed outdoor, allowing the people to be always in touch with Nature.

More about Randpark Ridge

With a notorious mild weather, moderately hot in the summer, not humid in the winter, it lures calm life aficionados and families that want a place to call home with the best that life has to offer. Situated in Gauteng, it has one of the best infrastructures. Its population of over nine million people forms part of a vibrant mix of energy and diversity that makes it one of the wealthiest provinces in Africa.

Nevertheless, it’s extremely well developed in terms of commerce, which obviously provides jobs and accommodates for quality of life. People can work and live inside the suburbia without having to move everyday to the big cities. Obtaining more time, more leisure, and less stress.

The real estate market practices are very appealing values. Ranging from a few hundreds of thousand Rands to several million. It depends on several aspects because of size, extras, and location. It simply has to be seen to be believed, as many people doubt about Heaven on Earth. Randpark Ridge is certainly not the largest place in South Africa. It makes up for it for certainly being one of the most idyllic.