General Information

Rosebank is a beautiful suburb with a cosmopolitan appeal located in Johannesburg, South Africa. This lovely area is a residential and commercial attraction for many due to the presence of high end malls that make it a top hangout for designers, celebrities, young professionals, students, and even the bustling gay community.
For those seeking a unique nightlife experience, the cafes, restaurants, and bars in the area, specifically at the Design District are formidable options for many people. Tourists also flock to Rosebank with its energetic African Art Market as well as the famous flea market. Apart from its increasingly appealing real estate venues, Rosebank also has tons of beautiful hotels within the suburbs.

A Multicultural Destination
Located northwest of Johannesburg, Rosebank serves as the multicultural district of the city with a thriving business and tourist presence. While it could make a venue quite congested due to the activities happening, individuals who prefer the active lifestyle will definitely find Rosebank a formidable option to consider.

The compact size of this suburb allows residents and temporary visitors easy access to everything that is available in the area. Rosebank definitely has a small town charm but with energy that makes it a true entertainment melting pot.

Rosebank serves as a central headquarters to numerous businesses making it a great place to find work. But then again, all work and no play makes one a dull person. The proximity of business and pleasure in the area makes it a nice option for visitors and residents to explore lovely shopping centres, impeccable restaurants, cinemas, and even art galleries.
In fact, for those who want to go shopping, Rosebank has some of the most exclusive venues for high end shopping. With designer boutiques peppered across the area, it is not hard to understand why a lot of people feel at home at Rosebank. Those who like the glitz and glamour, as well as a little bit of drama will love Rosebank since it offers something different.

Great Destinations
The Gautrain stretches 80 kilometres and has been completed in 2010. Those who live in Sandton, which includes Rosebank, can definitely use these routes for their advantage. It is a fantastic mass transit solution for those who live the fast paced life. Those who work in Johannesburg CBD or other key economic destinations along the area can benefit traveling across using the Gautrain. Rosebank, being a highly cosmopolitan part of Johannesburg, can definitely take advantage of the Gautrain for travel purposes.

Another nearby location in Rosebank would be the Melrose Wild Bird Sanctuary. It is a beautiful location for those who seek serenity and peace as they explore the vibrancy and richness of the area’s fauna. This sanctuary is a beautiful getaway at a very convenient distance, making Rosebank a lovely crossroads for competitive activities and calm and peaceful experience.
Those who want to enjoy the bustling commercialism at Rosebank should definitely visit the Rooftop market located at Rosebank Mall. Open from 9 to 5 on Sundays and holidays, it is the most revered and extensive flea market in South Africa. Locals and tourists all love the amazingly extensive flea market with more than five hundred stalls offering everything from ceramics,
collectibles, antiques, and clothing.

The African Craft Market offers a unique shopping experience with a focus on exotic art and culturally relevant artefacts. This is a great venue for those seeking authentic African art as well as modernist takes on cultural emblems.

Real Estate Conditions
Due to the celebrity status and high end appeal of Rosebank, it is no wonder why it has been established as a great venue for fantastic properties. With a great deal of security as well as well-established sanitation and security, Rosebank definitely stands out as a great place for single young professionals or small families. It is also a great venue to consider for those who are concerned about health safety since it is mosquito-free, meaning efforts have been made to ensure that the venue is safe for its settlers or visitors.

There are numerous schools available within Rosebank. This includes Rosemeade Private School, Rosebank Primary, Limberlost Pre-primary School, as well as Studio 05 School of Fashion. There are numerous selections of good private schools within Rosebank, which is ideal for the population of people around Rosebank.

Rosebank has a flourishing commerce market and with a great range of options for competition. There definitely is a great promise in setting up a unique business in the area. With its tourist appeal, Rosebank also has a wide range of job opportunities in hospitality management including restaurants, hotels, and bars.

Rosebank is just a small suburb but with an energetic appeal that makes it stand out among the rest. It is also rising considerably not only because of its touristic appeal, but because of the convenience it offers to those who want to enjoy the microcosm of cosmopolitan living while being at the centre of it all.