Out of the many peaceful and lively suburbs in South Africa, there is certainly none more tranquil than Ruimsig. People who live here know why they moved to Ruimsig. Some did for the countryside that embraces it. Some others moved here because of the old-times feeling. But all of them had the same goal: to enjoy the best that South African big town suburbia has to offer in order to achieve a better lifestyle.

First of all, the suburb is located fifteen miles away from the centre of Gauteng, the province that Ruimsig belongs to. This assures a person that the busy and stressful venues are far, but not too much. When in need of visiting the big city, it’s a twenty minutes distance. Though there’s everything available at the door step. Known nationally and also internationally, Ruimsig has what every relaxed working men and women need, and a family too.

As usual, the suburb is malaria free. This dormitory suburb allows any working person a fast path to his or her job in the city, as the infrastructures are conveniently set to facilitate everyone’s life. Medium-small suburbs like this serve as a resting point more than a working place, but even then there are some jobs available due to the services Ruimsig provides.

It’s no wonder then that whenever a house is for sale, the real estate mediators sell it in the blink of an eye. There are lists of people interested in living here. Be it for the medical services, the schools of any level, or the remaining leisure and economy, Ruimsig is a high end choice for everyone that comes here.

Why Ruimsig?

The real question should be why other suburbs instead of Ruimsig? It has everything available for the most demanding person. Two large shopping centres, Heritage Shopping Mall and Cradlestone Mall, are under construction to provide further offerings. In the meantime, residents have plenty of locations all around to go to a shopping centre, like Roodepoort, Cresta, or Randburg, all less than seven miles from the suburb. Of course there are groceries and first need products right by the door, meaning there’s plenty to choose from.

In economic terms, even though Ruimsig is not that very relevant, it impresses as it is self sufficient in many senses. Like many suburbs in South Africa, this one’s main sector is the tertiary, and the services it provides are quite varied for a small space.
Infrastructure wise, Ruimsig is quite good for its size. Besides the roads leading to the city, it also features vast leisure and entertainment services. Right here people find some of the finest golf greens in South Africa, like the celebrated Roodepoort Country Club. It has more than seventy- two bunkers and at least seven water hazards, and it hosts one of the most renowned national golf championships.

There are many more activities, like visiting the nearby Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens in Roodepoort. It’s a reference for ornithologists and botanologists and for its immense display of species. Sports are always a constant too. Cricket and soccer are the most played ones.

As for educational values, Ruimsig is well known for providing some of the best schools in the whole Johannesburg, some of them elite private schools. Choosing them is the hard part, as there are many from pre-school to high school. This is excellent for a family with children, as driving to the school from home and vice-versa only takes a few minutes in any direction inside Ruimsig.
The suburb’s population is part of the four and a half million plus inhabitants of Johannesburg. Instead of heading to the city, those who live here fled the city to have a better quality of life. Less is in fact much more.

Brief History and Facts of Ruimsig

The suburb shares the same History of modern Johannesburg. In the eighties and the nineties it underwent a moderate decline, but it stabilized soon after. The suburb is situated in the Highveld plateau, which helps to explain its climacteric conditions.
During the summer, a moderately hot climate takes place, and the winters are sunny and never too harsh, though at night the temperature is cold and dry. Rain season occurs mostly during the summer, but its levels are fairly low.

The main languages are English, Zulu, Afrikaans and Sotho. The multicultural offer that Ruimsig provides is now legendary, as many foreign investors and homeland aficionados bet on it heavily as a retirement location or even a holiday one.

When it comes to real estate, the market is going through very good times. Instead of modernizing the suburb, its inhabitants prefer to maintain the charming old-times while at the same time the bridge to the present is there.

It’s no wonder that it’s getting harder to find a place to live at Ruimsig. The values aren’t too high, ranging from hundreds of thousands to million Rand, which only makes it more appealing. Living in the present with a foot in yesterday… that’s what Ruimsig is all about.