Rustenburg was established in 1851 and was part of the former Province of Transvaal. Rustenburg is located a hundred kilometres from Johannesburg and offers some great places of interest for travellers and residents alike. The place serves as a thriving hub for mining and agriculture and currently houses around one million people. Rustenburg is quite a laid back place compared to larger cosmopolitan cities such as Johannesburg. This is a great place for travellers to relax and feel good with a range of touristy treats for both local and international visitors. Nevertheless, locals also find some incredible options for business, adventure, and much other interesting stuff.

Rustenburg sits at the foot of Magaliesberg and is part of Bojanala Platinum district, which is specially named for tourism hotspots. Platinum is one of the more important mineral products that are derived from its thriving mining industry. The city is not just filled with sights and sounds for the curious traveller or a homeowner seeking great homes to settle. There are numerous communities in the area just like the Botswana tribe, Bakgatla, and the Bafokeng. There are also German communities in the area. Because of its historical and cultural richness, Rustenburg as well as many other places have numerous memorial sites and old forts that are still standing or whose remains are still present till today.

While hot weather is not an uncommon scene in South Africa, it still is smart to carry hats and sunscreens during summers, usually ranging from August to March.

Surrounding Areas
Rustenburg is located within a Savannah Biome that houses numerous habitats for more than a hundred species of plants and animals. Being at the Mageliesberg region, enjoy exploring several species of birds as well as plants in parks and protected areas. Bird watching is deemed as one of the most popular outdoor activities in Rustenburg since there are several hundred bird varieties to see.

Apart from the flora and fauna, those who like adventure would definitely find a lot of interesting things around Rustenburg. The Mageliesberg is regarded as one of the oldest mountains in the entire world. Therefore, individuals who wish to live in this area can truly enjoy being in a region older than anything else around them.

Tourism is definitely one of the more important industries in Rustenburg due to the many great cultural, historical, and natural wonders that are present in the area. Nevertheless, one of the biggest sources of income in Rustenburg would come from mining in which the north western province produces the majority of the platinum in the entire country while 25% of the gold comes from this area as well. Mining accounts for a third of Rustenburg’s GDP.

Rustenburg boasts of six golf courses as well as a couple of driving ranges complete with world class facilities. For families or individuals seeking active lifestyles and outdoor activities, Rustenburg is home to a wealth of incredible opportunities such as hot air ballooning, angling, water sports, bird watching, mountain climbing, camping, as well as many action sports. Speaking of sports, Rustenburg also serves as one of the host cities for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The city also has the world-renowned Olympia Park Stadium.

Rustenburg is home to a variety of schools including Zinniaville Elementary School, Rustenburg HS, HS Grenswag, and the Bergsig Akademie.

A mélange of Ruggedness, Ease, and Urbanity
There is a unique charm to Rustenburg that is not present in other cities such as Johannesburg. Upon setting foot to Rustenburg, there is a laidback appeal to the area possibly due to the wealth of well-maintained outdoor activities, and sceneries that can be explored. While it is one of the fastest growing cities in South Africa, it still has that rugged terrain that any person will be curious to explore and experience.

Also, those who are fans of soccer or rugby will definitely love to stay in Rustenburg since it is home to the most popular and fierce teams in South Africa. Also, the prestigious Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace has been established at Rustenburg. Rustenburg still is growing so for individuals or those who like urban conveniences might not see the city as a perfect place for that setup. The streets are still lined with jacaranda trees and much of the city is still agricultural in nature not to mention the bustling mining sector.

Rustenburg is certainly a laidback location for those who might be interested to enjoy some peace and serenity. Since a big section of the city is mainly for agricultural and mining industries, it would be ideal to check job opportunities first to ensure that there is a great career option. Nevertheless, having a vacation home around the area seems like not a bad thing at all especially for families or individuals who are looking for great activities and fun experiences.