Calling Sandton Home

When finding a place to call home, Sandton, South Africa is a wonderful place lodged in the Gauteng province. There is a wealth of opportunity in Sandton as well as things to see and do. With Sandton as a place to call your home, one thing you will be considering is purchasing real estate property so that you truly have a nice cosy residence that is suitable for your needs.
Whether a home in Sandton be for one person, a young couple starting out, a family, or even a place to retire to, Sandton, as well as the surrounding area, has a wide variety of residential properties to sift through. While looking through real estate options, you should learn a little bit more about what makes Sandton such a great place to live. Once you have learned a little bit more about Sandton, you will surely be ready to check out apartments, houses, villages, and land. If it fits in your budget, buying is definitely the way to go but renting is also a possibility.

Why Sandton?
This community is full of energy and is one of the largest commercial centres in all of South Africa. The area is filled with business opportunities, several residents, numerous tourists, and so much more. It is a vivacious place to live, to work, to shop, and to explore. Sandton is also one of the wealthiest areas.

Sandton is one of the richest areas to call home with a high demand of residential property as many people want to live in this location. There are several newly developing areas that may be best suited for you and the demand is on the rise every day for homes in Sandton. Since Johannesburg is very close by, it is becoming a more popular area for people that want to escape the rush of the city while others just want a residential property that is just close to about everything but far enough away from it all to be able to enjoy life.

As a suburb of Johannesburg, Sandton is a nice city just on the outskirts of the big city life. Around the area of Sandton, there is a wealth of planting so now it has grown up into a beautiful forested area and rolling hillsides. There is access to excellent schools, hospitals, shopping areas, and numerous lush gardens. It is also a very secure place to live.

Weekend getaway destinations are settled nearby such as Vaal River, Dullstrom, the Pilanesberg, as well as a number of lodges and gaming resorts so transitioning into holiday mode is quite easy and accessible. The relaxation and the wilderness are not a far venture at all but simply staying in one of the many luxurious hotels in Sandton is also advantageous.

More about Sandton
The current population of this primarily residential community is approximately 126,000 people. In the 1990s when Johannesburg had an increase in crime rate, many businesses moved to Sandton. It is currently Johannesburg’s primary business centre and the financial centre in South Africa. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange houses its headquarters in Sandton. It is a major area in South Africa for ideas, business, and trade. Besides business and capitalism, Sandton is also a major shopping area. While finance is a foundation in the area, so is fashion. Sandton City is known as one of the top shopping districts in all of South Africa.

Since the city is 1500 metres above sea level, temperatures are generally lower in Sandton. As far as climate, the summers are warm with occasional precipitation. The winters are dry and the temperatures are spring like. November through January usually has a wet climate but in July and August it is not uncommon to have a bitter chill in the air during the night time.

The History of Sandton
Archaeologists believe that Sandton was first settled by the indigenous Tswana people and the Voortrekkers settled in the area. A monument stands in honour of the settlement of Sandton near Adrienne Street. It was in the 1870s that a family by the name of Wilhelmi from Hanover, Germany obtained a farm in Driefontein. The various farms in the area soon created a village of what is now Sandton. The original home stands in the Field and Study Centre and several of the family homes are notorious for their rich history in the development of this community.

Sandton was originally established as a municipality in 1969. This occurred as Johannesburg expanded north. At that time, it was mostly a residential area and due to the rural lifestyle of the people, the area was nicknamed the “mink and manure belt” of the city of Johannesburg. Eventually Sandton became part of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality in the 1990s. However, it no longer has its own municipal government.

As far as Sandton goes, there is no reason why someone wouldn’t want to make it their home. It has a little bit of everything and is an extraordinary place to consider residential property.