People working in the oil industry or who intend do so can look forward to living in Secunda. Secunda, which is from Latin, means second or following and it is a town that has been built in the midst of the coalfields of the province of Mpumalanga. The name ‘Secunda’ was given to this place because it was the second refinery after Sasolburg that was generating oil from coal.

Early History

The 1973/4 oil crisis led to the decision by South Africa to be less dependent on crude oil importation. This eventually gave birth to Secunda. A town that was built to provide accommodation for the workforce that was employed to work at the large industrial refineries. Namely Sasol Two and Sasol Three, (together they are now known as Secunda CTL). Today, the town is made up of as much as forty thousand inhabitants and has experienced tremendous growth in recent years.

Climate and the Setting of Secunda

In the course of the summer, Secunda’s climate is very pleasant, with temperatures averaging at 25.2°C. In the course of the winter season, the nights are usually cold with frost occurring regularly. However, the days are often sunny, dry, as well as warm even as average temperatures during the day are 16.2°C. The town of Secunda lies 1,620 meters above sea-level and is positioned on latitude 26° and longitude 29°. Pretoria and Johannesburg are both 180 kilometers and 135 kilometers away from Secunda respectively. This means it isn’t too far from these major cities.

Relaxation Spots

Secunda falls under Govan Mbeki Municipality’s jurisdiction. It is a great place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of urban living. This Highveld town’s surrounding areas also provides a good position for game viewing as there are some nature reserves as well as parks around, providing locals with the opportunity to view these animals from a distance. A benefit for anyone that decides to live in this town.

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One other entertainment option for those who would like to visit cinemas is the Secunda Mall. This mall is located on Horwood Street. There are movies to watch showing at different times of the day. Different genres of movies are available at the cinema from comedy to adventure. This is a good place to enjoy with family or with friends.


There are many businesses in Secunda, some are private, while others are corporate and these have been tremendously successful. Some of the businesses include Spar, Game, Mr Price, Pick n’ Pay as well as Mr Price Home. The town equally has several fast food businesses and restaurants. Many shopping centers here also have stores, which offer various items. All this will ensure that at the minimum some of the shopping needs of residents of Secunda are met.

Secunda Flea Market

Every Saturday, Secunda Flea Market provides inhabitants of this town with the opportunity of either buying used goods or placing theirs for sale. Only two stalls are allowed to offer the same product at this market. This can present a good opportunity for someone that just moved into town to get rid of items he/she might deem not required any more after moving in here.

New Shopping Center

The addition of a new shopping center in Secunda will even add to the shopping experience in this town. From the looks of things residents of this town are already looking forward to the time when the shopping center will open. The anticipated date is April 25, 2013. This is good news for anyone moving into Secunda as the center is expected to have tenants that will complement already existing businesses here, with this including many new stores that are presently not represented in this town.


Secunda has three high-schools and a number of primary schools. One of the high schools is Highveld Park High School, which recognizes English as its central language. The other two High Schools, namely Secunda and High School Oosterland, began with using only Afrikaans language to teach, but have subsequently included the use of English to teach all subjects as well.

Since Secunda is a relatively new town it may offer new opportunities in business for the entrepreneur-minded person. In addition, for as many who may not have considered it, there is the possibility no matter how slim of getting to work in the lucrative oil industry.