Life in Soweto

Making a life either as an individual or as a family is a great choice when choosing Soweto as a place to call home in South Africa. As an urban area within the city of Johannesburg, Soweto is located among it all in the Gauteng province. There are many people to meet, sights to see, and things to do in this area and is a wonderful investment when considering a piece of residential property. Regardless if someone is looking for a home, a condo or an apartment, there are numerous options for those in need of a new place to live.

As an area that is just on the fringe of Johannesburg, it is estimated that of the total of Joburg’s population, 40 percent of the people actually reside in Soweto. This is still a sprawling area as many people are looking to move outside of the actual city and reside in Soweto looking for residential property to make them a home.

A Deeper Look into Soweto as a Home Place
There are many reasons why someone would want to live in the Soweto area, moving perhaps from another area in the vicinity or relocating to South Africa completely. It is home to a total of almost 900,000 people already as it is located near the hub of all commerce and opportunity that is located in Johannesburg.

The majority of the people that currently reside in Soweto, South Africa are mostly Black African and the primary language spoken is Zulu. One of the main draws of Soweto is the fact that it is on the borderline of the mining area. The mining industry in this area is very popular, providing several jobs for residents in this vicinity.

How Soweto Evolved
The economy in Soweto was created originally as a town on the outskirts of Johannesburg that developed because of the mining in the area in the late 1800s. Industrialism and gold mining were at its peak throughout this time frame. The area was also predominant in farming. As the area around Johannesburg continued to spread, a number of outer lying communities popped up, one of which was named Soweto which is an abbreviation of South Western Townships.

One of the most historical events in Soweto’s history that helped put the location on the map was in 1976 when there was an uprising in which there were numerous protests over the government’s enforcement of educating students in Afrikaan rather than English. Riots erupted throughout the area as police officers opened fire on students. The economy and culture in the area started to thrive and many people left to train as guerillas. Since 1991, June 16 has been historically marked as the International Day of the African Child. After all of this, Soweto began to become less primitive. Electricity was provided to the homes in the area and it became its own township.

Climate of Soweto
Soweto is a wonderful place to live because of the fairly constant temperature. The low temperatures are during the months of May, June, July and August though it rarely gets very cold. The average amount of participation is 834 millimeters annually. This is a major draw for people to call home because it is a fairly even subtropical climate.

Housing Opportunities in Soweto
Of the most of the houses that are available residential properties, many of them are typically older homes that were built by the government that once served as a way to cheaply accommodate for the black workers. These homes are usually four-room houses. Despite the fact that there are many of these older homes available for residents, there are also other growing suburbs located in Soweto. Some developers have built much bigger homes that are typical of wealthy suburbs. Another major portion of Soweto’s residents live in hostels. These are common residential properties for families and couples.

More of Soweto’s Noteworthy Attributes
There are several museums and memorials in the Soweto area that devote aspects of history to the community. Some of these include the Regina Mundi Church, the Nelson Mandela National Museum and the Hector Pieterson Museum. Soweto is also said to be the birthplace of a particular style of hip hop music that is native to South Africa called kwaito which combines African music and American hip hop tunes.

A popular sport that brings several fans to games is that of soccer while the city hosts two of the top South African football teams which are the Moroka Swallows and the Kaizer Chiefs. The Soweto Open tennis tournament is hosted in the city each year.
Another major event in the area is the Soweto Wine Festival which lasts for three days. It attracts numerous wine connoisseurs from across the world. Nearly 100 of the top wineries in South Africa participate in this festival.
These are just a few of the numerous reasons that Soweto is a wonderful place to live as it is a thriving and growing community. It is a beautiful place for people to obtain residential property and call the land of Soweto ‘home.’