Freedom to Choose Free State

Having its capital of Bloemfontein as the judicial capital of South Africa, Free State province definitely serves a higher purpose for the entire country. One will find this province above the plains of South Africa’s heart. The geographical advantages of the province focus more on agricultural advances, making the entire province a strong supplement for South African agricultural industry. In fact, there are not more than 31,000 farms operating within the province and almost 71% of the country’s agricultural gains came from here.

Already considering this province as a new place to settle in South Africa? Then let us take a glimpse of what this province has to offer.

Climatic Situations

“Continental Climate” is what best describes the climate sequence in the Free State, South Africa. This emphasizes the ranges between warm and hot temperatures during the summer season in the country while people can expect temperatures between cool and cold during the winter season. The eastern areas of the province tend to experience snowfalls frequently whereas the western areas can expect extremely hot temperatures during the summer.

Each precipitation falls over the province during the summer season when thunderstorms commonly occur in the afternoon. On the other hand, the aridity increases as it takes western direction. Because precipitation focuses more on the eastern side, cities such as Ficksburg and Bethlehem enjoy a good amount of water than the western cities.

The History of the Province

The province of Free State was known to be the Orange Free State, an independent republic of Boer during the late 19th century. The province became a Colony of Britain and was soon claimed as a province of the South African Union. However, there’s more into it than what was said as of now.

Before it became the Orange Free State of the 19th century, the province was known to be the combination of the Orange Free State Province and the Orange River Colony, a colony established by the British Army during the 2nd Boer War.

In 1900, the British Army began to penetrate the territory of the Orange Free State. After five months of the 2nd Boer War, the British army claimed that they had won and had fully occupied the province, although they have not yet fully occupied the province. This ambiguous claim during the war divided the province into two governments; one controlled by the Free State government while the other is a colony controlled by the British government. After ten years, the colony was annexed to the province once again and remained like that for eighty-four years. In 1994, what was known to be the Orange Free State became what was now known as the Free State, South Africa.

The Industry in Free State

The economic industry of Free State includes agriculture and mining. Basically, the province is known to be the primary granary of the country. With 32,000 sq. km. of cultivated area, approximately 70% of the countries agricultural products come from the Free State province. Specifically, 40% consist of seed products such as wheat, potatoes, soya beans, and more. The remaining 30% consist of animal products including the products from horticulture.

The other half of the province’s economic industry, which is mining, was considered as the primary employer of the province. A reef of gold with the length of 400 kilometers passes along the Free State and the Gauteng province. Given the fact that South Africa is known to be one of the largest sources of gold worldwide, the province of Free State is known to be the largest mining complex of South Africa when it comes to gold. There are a total of twelve mines in the Free State, allowing the province to supplement the overall mining output of South Africa with 12% production.

Accommodations in Free State

Accommodations in Free State differ from the typical type of country up to the inspired establishments brought by different cultures. People who like to experience a cozy place to retreat or spend free time may opt to choose lodges and guesthouses surrounded by farm and hills together with magnificent scenery of mountains.

There are also bed and breakfast establishments for those who like to spend more time outdoors. Tourists, on the contrary, may also opt to stay in hotels if they want to. Although there are different establishments to accommodate people, one thing is for sure and that is the wide scenery of tranquil farms surrounding these establishments. People who wish to settle in the province of Free State will never find it difficult to find residential areas because they can easily access all residential areas, may it be for rent or for sale. Those who cannot visit the place personally can use the internet to access more information about real estate properties they can afford in the Free State.