Regarded as a charming subtropical garden city, Tzaneen is also the second biggest town in the district of Mopani in Limpopo. The population of this town is about 80,000. According to written documents as well as stories passed on from one generation to the next, Tzaneen was first known as Tsaneng. Mayland, Hansfontein, and Piesangkop including the south side of Westfalia, were parts of Tsaneng. Now soon after the arrival of the English as well as the Dutch in South Africa, Tzaneen became a place where various people as well as cultures co-existed. This makes it a suitable place for anyone that wants to live in a cross-cultural environment.


It was in 1912 that Tzaneen became a town, when a station was put there by the railway train network. Before the construction of this train station, there was the 1892 Agatha building, a historical landmark, which is presently known as The Coach House Hotel. Politically, a landmark achievement in this town was the successful election of Dikeledi Josephine Mmentle in 2011, as Tzaneen’s Mayor. She is the second person to do so since the introduction of democracy in 1994 after OJ Mushwana, the former mayor who had held this position for sixteen years.

The Tzaneenian Advantage

Due to its strategic position, (it lies just beneath the Magoebaskloof), Tzaneen equally offers a good position from which one can view the remaining part of this region. The unique thing about Tzaneen is the regular change in the landscape, plantations, lush vegetation, mountains, and more. The Tzaneen Museum can also be visited here, There are ethnological artifacts such as bead work, pottery, weapons, and the greatest pole carving collection in South Africa to view. This museum is a good place to visit often and learn about South Africa’s history while living in Tzaneen.


The Tzaneen valley produces Valencia oranges as well as grapefruit, like Star Ruby. Macadamia nuts plus bananas are equally common crops that are found here. Most of the mangoes, paw-paws, avocado peas, coffee, and tea in South Africa are produced in Tzaneen. This town is also known to contribute greatly to the total number of timber, litchis, and citrus produced inter alia. In addition to this, mountain slopes surrounding this area are seriously forested with blue gum and pine plantations. There is about forty sawmills operating here.

Notable Events

Tzaneen is full of events the year round. Over time people from various cultures in this town have discovered how to reside amicably together. Some of the more notable events include the Ebenezer Mile Swim, the Spring Opener Marathon, and the Kiwi Festival.

Regarding the Ebenezer Mile Swim, this event is usually held in March. It is officially approved by Swimming South Africa. It involves two primary swim events. One is the 1690 meters race, while the other is the 300 meters race.

For the Spring Opener Marathon, this is often held in the month of July. The marathon begins at the country club of Tzaneen. It involves several events. This includes a five kilometer run, (a fun race), a ten kilometer run, a half marathon, (approximately twenty-one kilometers in length), as well as a thirty-two kilometer run. This friendly competition is a run around the dam as well as the jetty, thus creating an opportunity to make friends for the busy business person that just moved into town.

Kiwis were brought into South Africa from New Zealand through China and planted here. During the two-day Kiwi Festival, people are given the opportunity to taste this fruit including its by-products. The event is often held in April a month that is usually cool. This is surely another good opportunity to meet new people and generally make friends.


Education in the town of Tzaneen begins from daycare/pre-primary straight up to primary school, high school and then tertiary education. In addition, the town also offers training courses in business as well as in computer education. However, it does not end there because training is equally available for modeling, IT, and even drama. This way provisions are made available for a wide selection of training for anyone looking forward to changing their career while living in Tzaneen.

It is even possible for a business professional who wants to learn how to fly to find training in this garden town because it has a flying school. In addition, there is also training provided for arts and crafts through workshops, classes, and courses. There is just so much available here in terms of education that living here should not scare anyone when it comes to finding a place close to home to receive training related to any particular field.

Finally, the beautiful garden town of Tzaneen is evidently one of the best places to live in the Limpopo Province and of course South Africa too. The scenery is wonderful and there is just so much to learn and take in.