Upington was found in 1884 and gets its name from Attorney General and then Prime Minister of the Cape Sir Thomas Upington. The town was first a mission station that was established in 1875, which was run by Reverend Schröder. The mission station presently houses the Kalahari Orange Museum and a donkey statute in recognition of this animal’s tremendous contribution to developing this region. Upington’s elevation is 835 meters (2742 feet). It is close to Augrabies Falls, which is one of the greatest falls in South Africa. Although the landscape of this area is arid, its soil is fertile with crops like fruit being grown in irrigated fields.

Geography and Climate

Located north of the Orange River banks, Upington is encircled by irrigated vineyards. January is usually the hottest month of the year, with daily temperatures averaging 36 °C to 20 °C. July is often the coolest month of the year, with temperatures ranging between 21°C and 4 °C. March as well as July are the wettest and coolest months respectively, with March experiencing an average rainfall of 37 millimeters, while that of July is 2 millimeters.

Wine Industry

Situated close to the Orange River, Upington has a fertile soil, with farmers taking advantage of the closeness of this water source to grow and produce fine quality grapes. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this town is known for producing export-quality grapes, wines, and raisins. In fact, the region has produced approximately 40% of the grapes exported out of South Africa.

Some of the great wines produced in this town is done by an organization best known as the OWC (Orange River Wine Cellars). The organization owns six depots with one in Upington making it possible for business professionals or families living here to have direct access to fresh quality wine. Some of the wines produced by OWC are exported to the United States and Europe among other countries.

Popular Attractions

The Orange River besides being a source of water for farmers in the area is also a primary relaxation as well as entertainment spot for locals and travelers alike. Living here will provide business people and families with a place to relax and unwind during the weekend or whenever this is necessary. The beauty as well as tranquility of this area attracts many from different parts of the country annually.

Spitskpo Nature Reserve is just outside Upington. Consisting primarily of sandy flats, broken by two rocky outgrowths, this nature reserve is a good place to visit not just because of its game, but also due to the radiant flower carpets, which covers its sandy plains at the end of the summer rains every year.
Game species found here include eland, red hartebeest, zebra, steenbok, gemsbok, as well as large springbok herds, while the ostrich, Namaqua sandgrouse and kori bustard are the typical bird species present. Travel on fine gravel roads alone or with your family watching game.

Other popular attractions to Upington include the Die Eiland Holiday Resort and the Raisin Festival. Die Eiland, which is on an island in the middle of Orange River has a wonderful Date Palm entrance avenue measuring 1041 meters, making it one of the longest palm avenues existing in the southern hemisphere. There is equally the Raisin Festival, which boasts of a vibrant parade of beauty competitions, floats, and craft building competitions among others. This can be fun for the individual or family living in Upington.

Upington Golf Course

The Upington Golf Course is situated just outside town. The 18-hole grass course is surprisingly beautiful and another nice place to visit while living in Upington. It has a Pro Shop, with clubs as well as carts available for hire.


There is a modern airport in Upington with SA Airlink providing scheduled flights. The airport has a runway that spans 4900m as well as other smaller runways. It was once the site used for the annual gliding world competitions. Besides this, the airport is used for moving cargo such as mining equipment, cars and even livestock.

Central Business District

The Central Business District (CMD) in Upington is replete with business activities. The economy of this area relies greatly on tourism, agriculture, as well as the services industry. The excellent facilities, modern shops in this area, including the easy access to famous hotspots, really make this place the center of this region.

Living in Upington can be filled with much fun. There are a number of nice places to visit plus so much to enjoy. So that the adventurous person can their itinerary full. The business district also presents the entrepreneur at heart or the prospective business person with some opportunities to do business.