Weltevreden Park– Feel Good Inc.

Of all the South African suburbs around big cities, some are better known for a particular aspect. Some have interest sites, while some others are preferred because of the overall infrastructure. Then there’s Weltevreden Park, one of the most busy and cosmopolite suburbs in Johannesburg. For those who are looking to live in a privileged location, welcome.
Weltevreden Park is a suburb in Roodepoort, just a few minutes away from the centre of Johannesburg. It’s a place under development with approximately 125,000 inhabitants, only proving it is desired to live in. For those searching for a fast and easy access location in the outskirts of the big city, this is just the place. There’s no stress, no hurries, and no overcrowded roads. In short, it’s a nice retreat.

Since it is part of Gauteng, it’s Malaria free. This middle-big suburb thrives with everything needed to live, including jobs. So, people can always choose to live and work here. Since it’s so close to the big city, it’s alright to use it as a dormitory too. Being close to Randpark Ridge and Constantia Kloof only helps.The economy is flourishing much due to commerce and business, as well as many people moving to live here. It’s not the centre of Johannesburg, but on the other hand it captivates people.
Why Weltevreden Park?

Mainly because of all the services it offers. Jobs are a very important part of this suburb, and wherever people turn they can find one. With business come better life conditions, and not only basic needs. For example, leisure, education, and the natural beauty of the place all around makes up for a great lifestyle. It’s no wonder that many companies are established here. They have the means, the public, and the workers to succeed. Traditional commerce also is a major plus, and most people use them for convenience. Whatever your needs are, they are guaranteed.

In terms of health conditions, there are several health centres and medical clinics in Weltevreden Park. Even if there’s the need for something more specific, Johannesburg is right around the corner. If it’s groceries that people need, there are plenty of small commerce shops. Bigger supermarkets in the many shopping malls in and around the suburb are also available. It’s good to have everything at the door step.

Then there’s education. Couples with children will find this a great place to live, as the choice is so vast and so close to home. The Welridge Academy is suited for primary education, for example. If it’s middle or high school, a good option could be the Allen Glen High School.

Leisure is maybe one of the best things in the suburb, with so much to see and do, in and around the zone. First, there’s the Cradle of Humankind, where scientists believe that our first ancestors originated and lived. Then there’s the Magaliesberg mountain range, which is fantastic for tracking, sightseeing and other outside activities. If there’s the need for more classy leisure like gourmet dining it’s possible too. After a good dinner, why not go into the heart of the suburb for a drink in one of the several dozen of available nightclubs and bars? The word here is choice, and that is never a problem in Weltevreden Park.

More Information about Weltevreden Park

Weltevreden Park is part of Johannesburg since the late nineties. Gauteng was independent from Johannesburg before but joined the big town at that time. When it comes to the weather, the area is greeted by cool breezes due to the location, (Weltevreden Park is located in a grassland at high altitudes), even during the summer. This helps to fight the heat. The winters are moderately cold but dry, and humidity is somewhat rare. Temperatures range from 10ºC in the winter and above 17ºC in the summertime. The infrastructure of Weltevreden Park is also a major plus, as it’s very modern and with highways and main roads leading to every important place.

Weltevreden Park is a middle-term location to live. It’s not the chaos of the big city, and at the same time it’s never dull either. The main languages spoken are Afrikaans, English and Xhosa, allowing also for some diversity and culture mixing. As for housing, real estate is fast and there’s much more demand than offer. It has the perfect conditions for cosmopolitan and modern living. Finding a house for sale is a challenge. Prices get a bit higher near Johannesburg, but the overall range is suited for most budgets, starting from a bit less than 100,000 Rand to several millions. As expected, it all depends on the location, accesses and services around the place.

There’s nothing missing in this amazing suburb. Being so close to Johannesburg but so less stressful at the same time is paramount. Always with everything at hand, of course. This is Weltevreden Park.