Windsor East

One of the more affluent locations for real estate seekers, Windsor East is a suburb in the affluent city located in Johannesburg in South Africa. Randburg on its own is a powerhouse for the more upscale consumers who can afford local conveniences like art, entertainment, and nature.

Randburg, which houses Windsor East, was once an independent municipal government. It has been par-two suburbs under its territory and most of them focused on residential areas while the rising upmarket areas are filled with locations that are ideal for families who would like to visit parks and other forms of entertainment.

The residents of Randburg including Windsor East tend to have a more upscale lifestyle compared to other communities in Johannesburg. Upon glancing at the numerous residential areas, real estate hunters will discover a wealth of large, impeccably made homes and properties and even a wide variety of boutiques that cater to the local community.

In fact, Randburg is a very popular destination when it comes to shopping with very popular locations including Northgate, Brightwater Commons, Sanlam, and the Cresta Centre.

For those who want a taste of primordial Africa will want to go to Lion Park to see several prides of lions and even other large animals and herbivores. For those who have the time for quick adventures will definitely want to go to Randburg due to its energetic appeal and diversity of entertainment opportunities.

An Entertainment and Shopping Utopia

Those who stay at the Windsor East will definitely enjoy visiting other top destinations around Randburg such as the Brightwater Commons, which was traditionally known as the Randburg waterfront. This energetic venue oozes of all things entertainment. This includes shopping spaces and a variety of restaurants.

The concept of this area is to create a unique urban shopping experience around the harbour with an open layout similar to that of numerous other locations in industrialized countries. The Brightwater Commons has been refurbished to transform the sleepy harbour to something more of an appealing streetscape and it definitely attracts attention not only for those who stay around Randburg but all over Johannesburg.

Consumers will find a variety of options in these areas if they decide to stay in Windsor East. Randburg is a venue designed to attract people and hold their residents enchanted of its numerous attractions, be it sporting venues, theatres and cinemas, specialty stores, or international cuisine and fashion. Randburg on its own carries its unique utopian allure, but still is very much grounded.

Nearby Locations around Windsor East

Cresta is close to Windsor East and it is much known for its vibrant and energetic shopping centre that borders Cresta and Northcliff. It is an imposing sight because it is not just large. It is the biggest shopping destination found in the Southern Hemisphere. Those who live around Windsor East will also love the distant scenic views with hills and greens. For those who want a bit of a night out, Cresta is the place to go. While Cresta has the biggest shopping experience to offer, it also boasts of numerous boutiques and restaurants as well as other important venues.

Apart from the residential areas, Randburg also boasts of numerous facilities like the Randpark Golf Club and Jackal Creek Golf Club for those who love golfing. There is also Montecasino. Randburg is also one of the stopovers for the Gautrain for easier travel across the city.


Of course, being a family-friendly venue, those who wish to stay at Windsor East will definitely want to find a school that will fit their budget and particular requirements. Schools like Aurora Private School, Pridwin Preparatory School, Franklin D Roosevelt Primary, and IR Griffith Primary offer numerous services for young children.

Security and Safety

Being one of the most exclusive and highly visited locations around Johannesburg, safety measures are very much established especially in its more exclusive communities and urban centres. There are established local law enforcement units and there are also accessible medical services in key areas.

The venue is also maintained against common risks such as infections and diseases including Malaria. While most communities experience peaceful living around the area, common petty crimes should not be overlooked. Nevertheless, this area is a pretty nice, safe, and enjoyable venue to visit.


Windsor East is a lucky venue for those who like to have all the conveniences accessible around their area. Almost everything is just a drive away and this is a great experience for those who want to enjoy the energetic vibe of this location. Randburg is not just about entertainment, dining, movies, and shopping. It also serves as a beautiful haven for relaxation, ideal for families and individuals who want a slice of heaven at home, and a luxurious experience of Randburg’s finest just a few minutes away.